Dragons’ Den: Series 6: Episode 2 – 2 of 6

The multi-millionaire Dragon investors are at the top of their game. Despite the economic doom and gloom that surrounds the country at the moment, the Den once again proves to be an oasis of investment. But only for those entrepreneurs with the very best business ideas and inventions, and who are prepared to risk all, by pitching to the notoriously tough-talking Dragons.

Over the course of the series, the Dragons are prepared to invest their own money, changing the lives of some of Britain’s best entrepreneurs.

The second episode of the new series sees cash-hungry entrepreneurs putting everything on the line as they climb the famous Den stairs to pitch their weird and occasionally wonderful ideas, inventions and businesses to the five multi-millionaire investors.

While 28-year-old Victoria McGrane attempts to set a new trend with her fashion-related business proposal, Diamond Geezer Clive Billing, a jeweller from Gloucestershire, has a pitch he hopes has the necessary sparkle to attract what would become the highest ever investment in the Den.

Also, the Dragons toy with a purple-haired professor from Poole, give an icy-reception to a company called Chilly Billy, and get their skates on as Theo test drives an innovative in-line roller skate. And can serial-inventor Samantha Gore from Manchester convince the Dragons that her crime-stopping products are a steal at just 275 thousand pounds, or will they back Richard Mire’s attempts to get children to spend less time in front of a screen?

Duration : 0:9:58

14 Responses to “Dragons’ Den: Series 6: Episode 2 – 2 of 6”

  1. dilwich123 says:

    When do your …
    When do your batteries run out?…..He was talking about her 9 inch vain invader wasnt he?

  2. SirBlitzo says:

    Am I the only one …
    Am I the only one really starting to hate the word “entrepeneur” (or “entrepeneurial” or whatever). I know there’s not really another word for it, but it’s used *so* often on this show.

    Just invent another then, call them “profectionists” or “antidivisionaries” or “dildos” for all I care.

  3. Ambar88 says:

    When the diamonds …
    When the diamonds came out the Dragon’s looked at each other like “Uh oh, looks like that deal with the Columbian drug lords went south”.

  4. MrSpeedfightRichy says:

    Deborah is 50 years …
    Deborah is 50 years old she looks amazing nice to know you guys get a Hard on over a OAP lol

  5. Stupolable says:

    ya the stuttering …
    ya the stuttering bozo is a genius…… give me a break

  6. dinoman64 says:

    They must be making …
    They must be making new rules every program. Next Episode’s Rule:

    Contestants are forbidden to climb up the stairs. Instead, they are required to swim up through the piles of money.

  7. addisonox says:

    id under cut u….. …
    id under cut u….. i would charge £100 lol

  8. 1990nintendo says:

    dude are u crazy …
    dude are u crazy deborah gets laid whenever she wants she slips thousand dollars bills and any guy she wants id hit it for like 5 gs and up

  9. HandOfDoom95 says:

    6ft 7 inches
    6ft 7 inches

  10. budwhite1 says:

    your comments on …
    your comments on these vids are brill! keep it up……………… deborah would say lmao

  11. NastyCrew says:

    anyone know how …
    anyone know how tall Peter is ?

  12. gloryfighter1000 says:

    should of accepted …
    should of accepted 40 dumb

  13. dilwich123 says:

    she might be …
    she might be miserable but she takes it up the arse and has massive paps so for that reason im in!

  14. altondesu says:

    Sushi from central …
    Sushi from central Manchester just sounds unappealing.