Don’t Join Big Ticket To Wealth until.. [Independent Review]

Don’t Join Big Ticket To Wealth until you watch this multi-media review at

Big Ticket To Wealth was founded by Gerald Van Yerxa in December 2007. Find out if really is “The Internet Marketing System That Creates Millionaires”… reviews all of the High Tiered Business Opportunities and exposes the truth – good and bad.

A Big Ticket To Wealth review will consist of an 8-10 minute video, in-depth written report, AND a referral if you choose to pursue a particular opportunity.
I’ve scoured the net, and sprained my finger dialing the phone to get ALL the details so YOU can make an informed decision…

Whether you are looking to join Big Ticket to Wealth, Passport to Wealth, EDC GOld, EDC Diamond, Lifepath Unlimited, Cruise To Cash, Roadmapt To Riches, Emerald Passport, CarbonCopyPro, CCPro, Global Resorts Network, GRN, Reverse Funnel System, or even Abunza… Don’t join until you’ve reviewed my site.

Make sure you’re plugged into a team that KNOW’s marketing and has ample training and support. Make an informed decision with

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6 Responses to “Don’t Join Big Ticket To Wealth until.. [Independent Review]”

  1. workathome01 says:

    Hi Seth,

    Great …
    Hi Seth,

    Great Video.

    Follow this Mentor they have the right MindSet & a WINNING attitude.

    Well Done 5 Stars.

    Simon ????

  2. mikeheesen says:

    Great vid bro! Love …
    Great vid bro! Love it 🙂

  3. Reinholdwer says:

    Nice Video. Check …
    Nice Video. Check out TubeViews (dotnet) If you need your video exposed, It has really helped me a bunch. Be blessed!

    Have you heard of this program that actually send thousands of text messages advertising your business for you, i think the url is w w w . a u t o t e x t s e n d e r . c o m

  4. onewealthymarketer4u says:

    Nicely done Seth..

    Nicely done Seth..
    But not mentioned:
    1. New members receive 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of vacations.
    2. BTTW pays the most! $108K annually override commission compared to other top companies: Abunza-$30K, Perfect Wealth Formula-24K, Wealthy Marketer-24K, Wealth Masters-60K (example with only 10 members)
    3. Sure go buy all of the software for $19.95, but can you make this big money with them on your own?
    4. Flash videos cost between $1200 and $1500 per min. and BTTW has $23,000 worth

  5. IGetMoneyForbes says:

    ***Great …
    ***Great Entrepreneurial Video***

  6. ballertbn says:

    Hey Seth! Thank …
    Hey Seth! Thank you for your un-biased review! Glad we have people around like you. I acutally emailed you today after reading your article on webwire… Coincidentally, I found your video here on YouTube. Anyway, Great job and keep on doing your thing!