Deadwood Best Of Al Swearengen – Al Talks Business

Deadwood – The Very Best of Al Swearengen. Al Talks Business

Duration : 0:6:26

5 Responses to “Deadwood Best Of Al Swearengen – Al Talks Business”

  1. AgnosticFonts00 says:

    I love when he has …
    I love when he has kidney stones. I would of freaked out.

  2. jinheat says:

    @lovejen01 you got …
    @lovejen01 you got my ballad cocksucker!

  3. AvEryBadApPLe says:

    3:21 – 3:52 epic
    3:21 – 3:52 epic

  4. BlueFox284 says:

    Seriously, when the …
    Seriously, when the next edition of Webster’s Dictionary comes out, next to the definition of “Man”, there should be a picture of Al Swearengen. . .

  5. lovejen01 says:

    Al Swearengen for …
    Al Swearengen for 2012