D.L. Hughley: Goin’ Home (black people don’t risk their lives for a job)

D.L. Hughley: on how black people do not risk their lives for a job.

Duration : 0:2:7

21 Responses to “D.L. Hughley: Goin’ Home (black people don’t risk their lives for a job)”

  1. mcneal78 says:

    I remember seeing …
    I remember seeing this the first night it aired on 8/7/99 and it’s still a riot to this day! But is there a way you can post THE WHOLE SHOW? Good job, though.

  2. DaRocker21 says:

    Oh! And by the way, …
    Oh! And by the way, there ain’t no use in looking for the black box. I keep my dominoes in that. Heh!

  3. eraider60 says:

    “Put your head …
    “Put your head between your legs and kiss your goodbye.” XD

  4. boomboi1990 says:

    “aint u da man dat …
    “aint u da man dat let da president die? mmhmm sholiz!” lol d.l. hughley is a fool!

  5. CookiezFlava says:

    ROFL 😀
    ROFL 😀

  6. flexwheelR says:

    lol. this was …
    lol. this was portrayed by chris tucker in the Rush Hour movie. lol.

  7. deedooc says:

    Put cho head …
    Put cho head between ya legs and kiss your goodbye THE KING BABY DL

  8. seeitasitis says:

    That is one of my …
    That is one of my favorite bits of all time!

  9. SHSBBy10 says:

    “What happened?”
    ” …

    “What happened?”
    “The plane blew up!”
    “What’d you do?”
    “I got the out!” Lmaoooo! I would say the excat same thing.

  10. RealspitHiphop604 says:


  11. ThePimpin19 says:

    It’s not the same …
    It’s not the same joke Chris Tucker said a black president would have a gun.

  12. dayoung09 says:

    Idk wether he’s …
    Idk wether he’s taking Chris Tucker’s jokes or Chris Tuccker took his jokes but I heard this from Chris Tucker on a Def Jam stand up

  13. Maskedhaven says:

    This is my favorite …
    This is my favorite stand-up of Mr. Hughley’s.

  14. 1chapitoluna says:

    if u look to tha …
    if u look to tha right u will see tha grand canon and if u look to the left thats me floating pass yo lol this muthafucka is funny

  15. brad71forfsu says:

    Do u know the song …
    Do u know the song at the beginning of the Going Home’ program? It something old and soulful

  16. ComprimisedXInsanity says:

    The volumes too low …
    The volumes too low…

  17. giulliany87 says:

    thx 🙂
    thx 🙂

  18. seeitasitis says:

    Going’ Home (1999)
    Going’ Home (1999)

  19. giulliany87 says:

    whtat is the name …
    whtat is the name of this stand up,i whatn to see it all!!!pls tell me!!!!

  20. Xbot70 says:

    POP! ooo sumink …
    POP! ooo sumink wrong haha thats jokes

  21. rubenreed2003 says:

    my favorite dl …
    my favorite dl hughley show…thanks for uploadin it i hope u can get more