Cyber Law: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business – I’ve met many people over the years, and one good friend I’ve kept in touch with is Attorney Brett Trout. Brett has written a new book: “Cyberlaw: A Legal Arsenal for Online Business”.

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    Insightful and very smart.

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    Very cool
    Very cool

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    Looks like a great …
    Looks like a great book!

  12. ghosty121212 says:

    Very nice. I’ll …
    Very nice. I’ll pick it up. I seem to get in lots of questions on whether or not what I do is legal.

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    Great topic. I will pick this up as well.


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  16. wirelesspacket says:

    Sounds like a great …
    Sounds like a great read! I may have to pick this up… Great interview Chris.

  17. Ayjay28 says:

    Are these laws only …
    Are these laws only valid under American Law or do they apply internationally ?

  18. Chefturtle07 says:

    Hey Chris you …
    Hey Chris you should do another video on just the ins and outs of social networking Law. because I’m sure there is people out there who have no idea that they are breaking laws. good video by the way.

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    I’m not your fan chriss

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