Complete Wood and Biomass Pellet Plants – Business Opportunity Wood & Biomass complete pellet plants. Highly profitable pellet mills. Produce a renewable heat source from free or inexpensive materials. Turnkey operations. Best priced and most reliable systems in the country. Production line capacity up to 4t/h. Plant capacity unlimited.

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4 Responses to “Complete Wood and Biomass Pellet Plants – Business Opportunity”

  1. kjkbnapier says:

    email me if you …
    email me if you know of anyone hiring a plant manager for a mill operation same name at the Y

  2. kjkbnapier says:

    I love this system …
    I love this system they have in this plant. Its all automoated and running very smooth, The cost to set a plant up like this one could be right around 4-6 million usd I am a plant manager in a plant making pellet fertilizer here in Mississippi and looking to either move on or start my own mill operation.

  3. Trruckker says:

    How much is the …
    How much is the turnkey cost of setting up a plant identical to this one??

  4. mrgalleria says:

    I seen a loader and …
    I seen a loader and a lot of big electric motors.
    Were they powered by wood gas, or electricity made from wood gas powered generators?