Comparing American and Chinese Negotiation Styles

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August 24, 2006

Terry Hird, UC Berkeley, Founder of Negotiation-International, has over 25 years of international business and negotiation under his belt. Terry’s work as a business owner, consultant and educator has brought him into contact with top business, organizations and learning institutions around the world. He has done business and negotiation in more than fifty countries throughout Asia, Europe, The Middle East, South America, and Africa. To learn more about Terry & Negotiation-International, visit

There is no Chinese word for negotiation. Tan pan translates “discussion or making a judgment”. In Chinese a negotiation…

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21 Responses to “Comparing American and Chinese Negotiation Styles”

  1. ytertyu says:

    arrogance , …
    arrogance ,stupidity and acting bossy are very common characteristics of those our lovely American friends ..keep in mind when you negotiate with with them

  2. getmeawayfromhere says:

    hope it helps me …
    hope it helps me passing my negotiations exam tomorrow 😛
    very interesting

  3. isleofgold says:

    excellent advice …
    excellent advice video

  4. DrFoofyMan says:

    That’s a pretty …
    That’s a pretty bigoted response.

  5. GabrielGZNH says:

    Man, you don’t know …
    Man, you don’t know what you’re talking about… China is a giant factory..

  6. mrzack888 says:

    that’s right …
    that’s right Bitches, CHINA = POWER!!!!!!!

  7. beareroftruthiness says:

    I think this is the …
    I think this is the downfall of Asian society, because American don’t respect anyone. Asian society often take other people feelings in consider, while American couldn’t careless about anyone but themselve. Chinese should recognize the selfishness of American when negoitiation with them.

  8. iristinyhouse says:

    Chinese always pay …
    Chinese always pay too much attention to how American think about it while in fact the latter spend 90%time concentrating on theirselves

  9. YFLOInternational says:

    You mean ‘equally’ …
    You mean ‘equally’ smart right?

  10. thedailyenglishshow says:

    30:57 99% of …
    30:57 99% of Japanese said that win-win was the goal. Interesting.

  11. zhaobudao says:

    there are so many …
    there are so many errors in the chinese terms used ! Even an illiterate frenchman can see them
    ????? is the true proverbe (without a fight we don’t know each other). It is wrongly spelled ????? in the video

    monsieur le professeur; il faudrait apprendre le chinois d’abord !

    still an interesting video

  12. knightingale87 says:

    to plandok: bace …
    to plandok: bace wei!! blaja leklok!! fammak nuboy!!

  13. xiaoxiao19 says:

    to michaeldeng1981: …
    to michaeldeng1981:
    I agree with you.Chinese people are smart as Jewish people. I mean they are equality smart.

  14. sanityplse83688 says:

    u suk
    u suk

  15. DrivingInIreland says:

    definelty good talk …
    definelty good talk about chinese culture.

  16. chowbelly says:

    Great to find a …
    Great to find a cream of the crop video.

  17. mathchadwick says:

    Yeh this one was …
    Yeh this one was fascinating

  18. Garethchina says:

    What the hell? that …
    What the hell? that room was half empty, and they were still walking out during questions. What a waste.

  19. aisrael1 says:

    manzi doesnt mean …
    manzi doesnt mean face in Chinese. “Mian zi”.. is the correct word. ??

  20. kotarak says:

    splendid. thank you …
    splendid. thank you GOOGLE

  21. michaeldeng1981 says:

    Chinese is might be …
    Chinese is might be the most complicated race in the world, they are the masters of abstraction, and they are very very smart people.