Command & Conquer 4 GDI Mission: Transport Down

Command & Conquer 4 Designer Sam Bass provides insight in to the GDI single player mission, Transport Down.

Duration : 0:5:25

22 Responses to “Command & Conquer 4 GDI Mission: Transport Down”

  1. thexmario says:

    1 word


    1 word


    Must have it…

  2. kajoandrea says:

    ah ok. I think Ill …
    ah ok. I think Ill wait til it gets out and let you guys do the hard work 😉

  3. MrInocence says:

    Starcraft 2 beta 🙂
    Starcraft 2 beta 🙂

  4. kajoandrea says:

    You mean Supreme …
    You mean Supreme Commander beta???

  5. MrInocence says:

    @kajoandrea the …
    @kajoandrea the beta is out and its totally AMAZING already.

  6. alcibiade666 says:

    Looks soooooooo …
    Looks soooooooo SHIT!!!! Where is the BASE BUILDING???? I saw even an UNIT LIMIT panel!!! WTF??? and I hate that green aura that appears when u select units…This is just a mountain of bullshit…C&C3 was a great game, and as far as I see even the graphics looked better…This just IS NOT Command&Conquer

  7. kajoandrea says:

    Supreme commander …
    Supreme commander will be here this month and I dont blame ya for being confused. 🙂 SC2 tsk tsk.

  8. Panzerfaust26 says:

    C&C 3 had a few …
    C&C 3 had a few units a little too cartooney for my tastes, cutscenes were a little overdone, but overall it was great.

    Watching this video, just makes me sad. Go die in a fire EA, die slowly.

  9. EulogyfortheAngels says:

    Star Craft 2, or …
    Star Craft 2, or Supreme Commander 2? I was confused for a minute lol.

  10. jt26cfcerfani says:

    Actually if you did …
    Actually if you did some research instead of just crying, Westwood wanted CnC? to be like this. Go through their concept art, and everything, it looks exactly like CnC4. Westwood wanted to make CnC3 to be like this. EA wanted CnC3 to be more like the classic CnC. Idiot fans like you complain about games changing too much. Do you want them to just re-release the same exact CnC every single year? Blame EA and Westwood if you are angry.

  11. kajoandrea says:

    I know, but who …
    I know, but who knows when it comes, its blizzard? SC2 will be here within this month I belive, dont remember exactly.

  12. mizunostarwars says:

    man, this thing …
    man, this thing works just like a vibrator

  13. Animita says:

    Is this like World …
    Is this like World in Conflict RST type or what?

  14. MrInocence says:

    the only thing I …
    the only thing I hate right now (and its a very big problem in my eyes) is the f**king yellow-orange outline thing on all the units ur selecting! it destroys the eyecandy effect on so many of the units. I’m dissapointed.

  15. MrInocence says:

    Lol r u me …
    Lol r u me? STARCRAFT 2 if you ever want a RTS basebuilding game. The very best.

  16. 303blazz3 says:

    omg loose the …
    omg loose the yellow selection lines! its the reason i hated red alert 3

  17. kajoandrea says:

    Relax guys, if you …
    Relax guys, if you want basebuild games, supreme commander is VERY close to relase.

  18. raska101 says:

    btw diablo, all the …
    btw diablo, all the other cnc games were all about going around and blowing stuff up so stop contradicting yourself. this game is going to be great gameplay and strategy wise.

  19. DiabloKiller434 says:

    Hey EA if your …
    Hey EA if your reading this idk what to say if your really stupid or just money whores but seriously get your together and make this series end with fantastic game-play AND story. not just controlling units around and blow stuff up its boring, they made a game like this already called dawn of war 2, and really unit cap? How about you combine company of heroes tech tree/base building but make it no unit cap and make it like Tiberium sun. THEN you’ll make a really good game to end this series

  20. alenoguerol666 says:

    @Devoidist (1 day …
    @Devoidist (1 day ago) 0 Reply | Spam
    >No base building.
    >No tiberium harvesting.
    >Unit? cap.
    >No LAN.

    This isn’t even worth pirating.

    i cant bealive it but im agree who would buy this? RTS games are fun cuz of base building. with the exeption of men of war and world in conflict but srsly.. wtf command & conquer without base building?? red alert 3 was a joke but this is too much…

  21. MrSakis9 says:

    Fuck Ea CNC4 peace …
    Ea CNC4 peace of shit

  22. grimma2 says:

    @ hamletrulzz

    @ hamletrulzz

    Don’t forget the quote: “Buy it, you’ll like it.”

    It made me wanna kill myself.