Chef Cooks ‘Dream Omelet’ That Came To Him In A Dream

Today Now! shares a delicious omelet recipe you can make at home with just a few simple and surreal ingredients.

Duration : 0:2:55

7 Responses to “Chef Cooks ‘Dream Omelet’ That Came To Him In A Dream”

  1. xLoLaTVx says:

    i love how some …
    i love how some people actually think this stuff is real

  2. AlphaConsciousness says:

    Don’t mess with …
    Don’t mess with success!

  3. jessyrosegirl says:

    “I made this myself …
    “I made this myself causeit seems that in the real world lemon tomatoes dont exist” I lol’d

  4. Sylar03 says:

    If you still have …
    If you still have your teeth by the end of the dream, this is going to taste fantastic.

  5. zosko1 says:

    I used a fork, …
    I used a fork, robin williams came, we went up to his parents attic and the door i chose took me to narnia, i’ve just got back

  6. twentydashone says:

    sounds similar to …
    sounds similar to the dreams i have. i just wake up saying..”what the was that all about”

  7. CheeseGenius says:

    ok now we are going …
    ok now we are going to dice up a lemon, okay, you can see now that it turns into a tomato