Best Network Marketing Company – How To Choose

Vital information on how to choose the best network marketing company that will allow the part-time person to be successful.

Here are the five pillars to success:

1) Company management experience and integrity

2) Timing in the industry/company

3) Product line that people want

4) Compensation plan that will allow the part-time person to make money.

5) Proven system for success

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  7. ScottiPson says:

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    What company is it that your in?

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    What company is it you found?

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  10. personaldevelopment2 says:

    Thanks for sharing! …
    Thanks for sharing! Have a prosperous week.

  11. thewaytosuccess says:

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    Yer..can’t really argue with that criteria

  12. TravelHelp says:

    This is great and …
    This is great and full of truth.

    Expect Miracles…

  13. GuildOfAbundance says:

    Great video.
    Thanks …

    Great video.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Rayvin & Rob

  14. MLMBook says:

    Thank you Michael ! …
    Thank you Michael !
    Without your support we would be still lost like babies in te woods.
    Your insight and experience saved us years of hard knocks education.

  15. purple212lady says:

    Amazing that in all …
    Amazing that in all the previous network marketing companies I’ve been in, I never hear such useful information. Wonder why???

    What a change this information makes in choosing the right decision.

    Nicki Tompkins

  16. Bigachiever says:

    Business models …
    Business models really do drive the behavior in the field. I was so blown away to learn this. My first company required me to build a group of 2000 people and my current company requires just 350.

  17. personalmentor says:

    I’m so grateful to …
    I’m so grateful to finally have found a 5 Pillar Company. Thank you Michael for educating me and so many others who have spent years struggling in this industry.
    Judi Sheehan

  18. mentor48 says:

    Very informative …
    Very informative and concise. Says it all. A great resource for everyone in the industry. Terry Smith

  19. mlmmentorjan says:

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    Thanks for getting this info out >I didn’t know to crunch the numbers and when I did I was SHOCKED This is vital info

  20. EnergyInThePark says:

    Great information! …
    Great information! I was shocked when I first learned about compensation plans. Everyone needs this info.
    Thanks Susan Higley

  21. MentorDianne says:

    Excellent video. …
    Excellent video. Everyone needs this system and Michael Dlouhy is amazing as are you.
    Well done,

  22. reimansuccessteam says:

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    Great Info you must have a 5 pillars company
    Thanks Don Reiman

  23. jenbird1 says:

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    Great info, thanks for sharing, thanks!
    Jennifer Buchanan

  24. MentorDoug says:

    Great information …
    Great information on how to find a company.

  25. freemlmhelp says:

    It’s very simple .. …
    It’s very simple …

    Without all 5 Pillars, you simply won’t succeed.

    Thanks for sharing this invaluable information, Michel.

    Melanie Kissell