Are You Looking For Inexpensive Home Based Business Ideas?

Home business can be extremely expensive, but there are some great home based businesses that don’t cost much to start. Here are a few good ideas.

One inexpensive way to start a home based business is to set up a website. There are some really good places on the internet that will allow you to even set up a website completely free. Your site can be used to sell a product or to provide people with valuable information. With an informational based site, you can make money by joining various affiliate programs. Setting up a website can cost well under $100, and can even be completely free, but you will need to spend a lot of time marketing your site. If you know nothing about internet marketing, there are websites and books that can help you get started for little or no cost. After all, the entire internet is filled with valuable information on just about any topic. If you are on a tight budget, just do some research and you can find tons of information for free on any major search engine.

Another home business idea on a budget is selling various items of your choice at online auction sites. If you start out small, the cost in both time and dollars is very minimal. My suggestion is to start out with items you don’t want around your house anymore, or buy a few low cost items at garage sales. You could even sell a product that you can make if that appeals to you. Eventually you can connect with a wholesaler, possibly one who will drop ship the items you choose to sell. This takes away all the work out of packaging and shipping your products.

If you have typing skills, offer them to local businesses in your community. Often there is a need, and businesses can come out ahead by paying you by the job to perform data entry, or to do various typing jobs at home for them rather than hiring an employee and paying out benefits.

Consider tutoring people on a subject that you know well. This can be an academic subject or a creative subject, such as music or something of this kind that you know and understand well. If you do this in your home you will have very little, if any, startup costs and your ongoing overhead will be very minimal too.

Think about what you know and like to do best. Then simply find a way to offer these services or your information to the public. Find a home based business idea that fits your own budget and start doing what you want to do. Remember, your only limited to your own knowledge. Knowledge is always power so start researching and you’ll be surprised at what you can come up with.

Chris Simpson

4 Responses to “Are You Looking For Inexpensive Home Based Business Ideas?”

  1. favorsandthings says:

    How can I promote my home Based Business online for making Party Favor Boxes Specializing in kids Birthdays?
    I have been looking for inexpensive ways to promote this home based business of making Party Favor Boxes for all occasions and I’ve run out of ideas as to where to go for free advertising. I attend all markets, bazaars and craft shows in my home town but I would like to extend my business to outside my home town. These boxes are just like loot bags only they are a step up and come in a box filled with treats and goodies. I customise these to the theme of the parties, so it could be Batman, Princess, Elmo, simpsons……anything is possible. Kids are going crazy for them. I know that it’s worth the effort of promoting it. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. iowamystic says:

    You can make up a web page. There are tons of places that offer free hosting. Many local stores have web pages and they say it pull in some business. Once you have the page then you can promote it with your business cards. They can be made at home. too. also try a few give aways. You might be able to get radio promos if you offer to give away a partys worth as a prize.
    That is cheap advertizing and they may want you to offer more but the air time is very valuable to expand your business.
    Talk with the advertizing managers. They might be willing to have you join them the next time they do a live from a shopping mall gig. People could sign up for the free prize and you will have lots of names from the entrants as people you can call.
    Thats why companies do the sign up for a prize stuff, so they can get your phone number and call you.
    this should keep you busy for a while. Good luck it sounds like a great thing.

    You might add the paper plates and tableware and call it party on a box. everything except the cake.
    the convenience is a big draw for busy moms
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  3. barry w says:

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