Are there any sites out there that can teach me how to start a home-based business?

I don’t have any idea what kind of business I want to start. I guess I just need step-by-step instructions.

Hi, I have talked and coached hundreds of people looking for a "home based business". First thing – get clear on what your looking for (income, expectations, etc.). Second – there are no step by step instructions (the wine business is not wellness business) Third – there is no magic fairy dust – so don;t expect something for nothing. The more you put in the more your get in return. This is a business not a job. Thta being said look for 3 things for personal success – the Market (most important) do you like it – is it huge and growing so you can grow in it. The Supplier – who are they – what is there financial track record, etc. Deal with an inexperienced startup – you may get burned, deal with a market leader your chance for success may be greater. The Support System – what infrastructure comes with the deal – systems, coaching, marketing, etc. Finally be clear on the costs of engaging in the business – there are always costs and that is good — if someone tells you are going to get something for nothing be wary. A little bit of money – a lot of hard work and teaming with the right group can make you successful. Get some training packages – take a small risk and learn some business models that are out there. Nobody is going to reveal anything on the internet that’s worth while. Try mine if you want – or call (866) 735-0537 BUT always bear in mind those 3 decision parameters. Good Luck

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  1. Trendycat says:

    Hi there,

    There are loads of site out there. But. The thing you need to know is the differance btween the good and the bad ones. Most will change you something but there are ones out there that don’t. If it’s an internet business your looking for and your a newbie. You need a step by step guide and hopefully some sort of video tutorials to follow.

    I was exactly where you were 4 years ago. and by a lot of hard work and patiance i found 3 of the best most upto date people in the indusrty today. Now i use all 3 on my site. which alot of internet marketers don’t hence they fail.

    I wont BS you …. You can start with hardly nothing But remember It’s a company your looking for to run at home and it takes time to get it up and running before you see profits


    Honestly if i can do it anyone can

    jump over to

    or email me @

    Good luck..

    Andrew Simpson
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  2. HomeBizFan says:

    Hi Lewis,

    Check this site for some excellent advice and lots of free resources to get started:

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