Are there any legitimate home-based internet business out there that are not scams!I’am desperately searching

Every time I find something that sounds good and check it out it’s a scam.I’am not trying to get rich quick,but working for someone else is stupid,when you can work from home for yourself,please help me,no scam artist please.

Your best bet is to start your own internet business. You can find free information on how to get started at

good luck

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  1. heart_and_troll says:

    Aside from ebay and google adwords, no.
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  2. toto05 says:

    I tried some sites that paid you for clicking is not large amount but if you sign up with these site and visit them regularly you can sum a good cash..
    here are some of these sites

    try it and you have nothing to loss cos it all free
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  3. naijachic says:

    Ever heard of Agel?
    go to

    I just signed on.
    The products are great. Haven’t really started the business. But everyone i talk to is interested. My mum has though and she’s making a success of it.
    It’s a MLM business that is internet based.

    Read about it, and if interested let me know.
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  4. Jeo K says:

    95% are scams. I found one site which posted a real programs. Visit : You can join any program you like. I have joined these programs and am making pretty good money.
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  5. Jeff says:

    Their are few that are legitimate, in fact, most of them thrive on signup fees and very little on goods and services being exchanged. Sure, they might have a product and/or service but it’s next to worthless – thus the signup fees is where most money is made in these programs.

    Affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn money as well – but again, the majority of those are peddling an ebook or some software that just makes it easier for you to market your affiliate programs…the whole concept blows me away really…purchase something that helps or shows you how to market a product, then market it yourself to make money off someone else.

    I’ve recently come across a legit home based business that isn’t a scam, doesn’t cost any money to get involved, doesn’t have any monthly fees, gives you tools for free, and it’s a relatively simple concept. I can go into more detail but I’ll leave it to you to contact me via my profile or check it out for yourself in my profile.

    Regardless, good luck in your search and be careful who you give your money to if you decide to spend it.
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  6. Jay G says:

    Yes there is its feel free to check it out it is a great site. you are paid to complete surveys. Google it and you will see it has a pretty clean track record. min payment is 2 dollars pay-pal and 5 dollars for a check. Sign up at top of page. Hope this helps.
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  7. Vickie S says:

    Yes, but they are few and sometimes not easy to find. However, myself and 100’s of 1000’s of households around the world have partnered with a 23 year old, Inc 500 Company, that has proven to be recession free, and recently inducted into the Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame for doing 20 years of business with the utmost honesty and integrity. Due to advertising restrictions, I can give you the link to the business opportunity here only, if you’d like the company name to research, simply send me an email and I will contact you with that information.
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    Looked at many opportunites until I found this one.

  8. Jesse H says:

    I’m an Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. and I market legal service plans (kind of like legal insurance, but you can use the attorney everyday if you needed to) to people in the United States and Canada. Our company is over 33 years old and we are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and personally recommended by Tom Donohue, President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    With Pre-Paid Legal Services, you can start your own business marketing these legal plans. These plans start off at $16.00/month and they can help you with document reviews, wills, letters or phone calls on your behalf, unlimited consultation, assistance with speeding tickets (getting fine reduced and staying off your record), trial defense if you are ever civially sued, IRS audit representation, Identity Theft with Kroll Background America, and much more! You can market them in person, by mail, or online. PPLSI offers a website feature to all of their Associates. And what is great about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. is that they pay their Associates commissions daily from any sales made, Monday-Friday as an option of direct deposit into your bank.

    If you are interested in more information, please email me at or call me at 1(877) 455-7227. Thanks and good luck!
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  9. Helpful Adel says:

    Feel free to read up what you need at this website as well as other methods to make some decent money online too here:


    Cheers to you and I hope it helps with your money making goals.
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  10. Judy C says:

    It can be very daunting to look for legitimate home-based businesses out there. As you search, I feel looking for a relatively young, but solid company with good management and strong ethics is critical. Leaders who do not use the profit for their own personal use but put it back into the company’s growth and improvement. Also, looking for a simple and fair Compensation Plan is very critical. Some companies make it so complex, it is difficult to know your bottom line and compare it to other companies. Another important criteria is a fresh, new, consumable product in the Marketplace, that will keep your customers coming back. Lastly, but I feel very important, is finding a company with a good support system in place. Business Associates that will train, coach, and encourage you along the way is so very vital. A "Leader" who will be there to guide you along the way—not just sign you up and vanish!

    After you have developed your list of criteria, as you research the companies, you will find the right one that matches some or all of the above. Good luck in your search!
    Judy C.
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  11. Jennifer F says:

    Hi Charles,

    It is a very difficult to find something legit on the internet. Knowing how to recognize them is KEY. I wrote a blog on advice for working from home. You can find a link to it in the 2nd paragraph of my profile. Also is a link to a VERY good article called MLM legality test written by a very well known MLM attorney. Oh, please be aware that I make NO recommendation of any links placed on my blogs….

    Unfortunately most people don’t really know whether they are in a scam or not, but if they searched out the companies, as described in my blog on advice, they might not be doing what they are….

    I mentor many people in the field of network marketing, all generically, as it is not my place to suggest to anyone that what I do personally is going to work for them, but EDUCATION is key and I would be glad to help you if you would like.
    Helping others created additional income from home through education of the system.
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  12. Freemason Bondi says:

    Have I got the opportunity for you!!

    Sellable worldwide
    Marketable worldwide
    No terrortories
    No capped commissions
    Can be run 100% from home
    Can be done part time, full time
    ZERO COST to start

    Worried about scams, don’t blame you I got nailed by one two years ago and wont make the same mistake twice. This opportunity has applied for DSA accreditation which will assure you of non-scam, non-pyramid or worse.

    If you, or anyone else is interest go to the link, e-mail me from the site or message me via Answers.

    What ever your first impressions, contact me with doubts, questions, concerns or anything.

    This is not the opportunity to miss over mis-conception, mis-understanding or simple doubts. Get the questions answered and start earning as quick as today.

    Even better is what you sell can work out free to the customer without affecting your commissions!! So if you reckon you can sell something which will in effect cost nothing and you still earn 4 figure commissions, you can stop looking for the opportunity because you’ve found it!

    It will be the best decision you make if you really want a business to run from home.

    Please get in touch even if it is only to ask questions!!
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  13. photoglobe2008 says:

    Last year when I started working from home online I was looking around and found one that has really worked out well.

    One I found and I’m very happy with give a totally free trial for 7 days so you can try it out and be sure that’s what you want to do and it will work for you, you get lots of support in getting started.

    Here is an online movie you can watch with no obligation, I’m not sure if it will be for you, but at least view the movie and decide for yourself.
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  14. Brian T says:

    Your best bet is to start your own internet business. You can find free information on how to get started at

    good luck
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