What is the best part time home based business, that’s girly?

I would like to start doing parties at my home or others’ homes. I would like to start with candles, make-up, soap, etc. Something that can help me make money while still doing the girl thing. Nothing innapropriate though, because I would like to grow with it and help others to establish what I have established. And it’s not at the top of my list to say, "Why don’t you come join my XXX party"? I just need to know where the money is and is it something I can get easily started? If you have a source or someone I could talk to about starting, that would be great. Thanks ahead of time.

I love Arbonne! It is all natural, Swiss, environmentally friendly—- a very wonderful company with an excellent credit score and some MAJOR growth. Now, I’m pretty into the who health/nature thing, and so I do facials parties and really focus on the health and wellness from the inside, out aspect. BUT, Arbonne has an excellent line of make-up products, a teen line, and aromatherapy, too! So you can do all the make-overs and spa type things! Plus, you can feel good about what you are promoting, because Arbonne is pure and safe, and gives people some phenomenal results. The products last a long time, too, so they are very economical. I didn’t do the business at first, I just opened an account to get the 35% discount- I liked that I didn’t have to sell or order certain amounts or order every month to get that discount- it is very fair. BUT, later on I did decide to do my own business, and I absolutely love it!

Check out the Arbonne website and my website, if you’d like!
Email me if you have ANY questions! Best of luck! xoxo

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  1. mommyofboys says:

    Mary Kay, Partylite, Tupperware, Alloette, Longenberger, etc.
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  2. Sarah says:

    I actually went with Avon because the products sell themselves! I get between 20%-50% of all sales, and love it! Only $10 to sign up in person or $20 to have it shiped… The kit comes with all you need! You can sign up through my page….

    You can visit me at
    or email me at

    Oh yeah, they also provide you with your website!
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  3. delsey2007 says:

    Try selling avon or mary kay cosmetics. if youre older you could try home interiors or tupperware. anyways, have fun with what you choose.
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  4. loungejetty says:

    depends on yor age, mary kay is a great one i sell it myself. very girly . you can check out my site at or email me at if you have questions
    good lucky on what ever you decide.
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  5. PINKLADY says:

    visit me or e mail me for free information, You gonna love it.
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  6. Jennifer says:

    Hey There!

    I would LOVE to talk to you. You sound amazing and perfect for Arbonne and I would love to help you. I’ve been with Arbonne for almost 2 years and love it! It’s so easy and a ton of fun! It’s changing my life and the lives of my family and friends everyday.

    Arbonne is definitely a chance to create flexible hours, be your own boss and explore your personal and financial potential. By becoming an Arbonne® Independent Consultant, you can start a home-based business, just like millions of other people worldwide, and participate in a growing industry that allows you to work your business alongside another job; work with friends and family; determine your own activity and income; and begin with a minimal start- up cost.

    Whether you would like more time to spend with family, more control over your life and work, or to make a positive difference in the lives of others, Arbonne might be just what you’ve been looking for!

    Arbonne rewards you for helping others achieve success. The Arbonne opportunity is easy to adapt to your busy lifestyle and share with family and friends. Wellness, wealth and a way of earning that’s fun for all make Arbonne the key to success.

    Arbonne offers …
    • Superior, botanically-based skin care products to support health and beauty.
    • Company support and training with a proven formula for success.
    • A generous compensation plan to put you on the road to financial freedom.
    • Committed leadership, because you’re in business for yourself, not by yourself!

    Three Ways to Win with Arbonne:
    • Clients can shop online or by mail through a quick and efficient delivery system that offers superior products,
    excellent customer service and product rewards for hosting Presentations.
    • Consultants save money with a 35% discount and earn extra money by sharing with family and friends, all for a minimal start-up cost.
    • As a Business Builder, create the income you deserve, be your own boss, find a few people looking for financial freedom and teach them to do the same.

    If you’re looking for financial freedom, fantastic products and great training, Arbonne is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

    I would love to share more with you. Please feel free to visit my website and me and we can talk more about Arbonne’s opportunity.
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  7. Helpful Adel says:

    Feel free to read up what you need at this website as well as other methods to make some decent money online here too:


    Cheers to you and I hope it helps with your money making goals
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