Supermarket Wisdom–Home Business Training

Sometimes when you are working your home business is it best to look at REAL WORLD examples of how large businesses are actually run.

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13 Responses to “Supermarket Wisdom–Home Business Training”

  1. ImogenThomson4619 says:

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  2. renegadesuccess says:

    this video is …
    this video is simply awesome ,superb.great minds great ideas .well done

  3. TheSourceFoxTeam says:

    Great video!
    If you …

    Great video!
    If you want to make real and seriouse money so visit my channel.
    You will be impressed.. TeamWork Revolution is the key for financial freedom! (better than GDI, see my videos why)
    Hope we speak soon.

  4. godsizedhole says:

    I love selling …
    I love selling people things they can figure out on their own too! Shh!

  5. Gia2054 says:

    Makes sense, thanks …
    Makes sense, thanks


  6. KristenDarkenwald says:

    I love this example …
    I love this example you taught me a long time ago.

    Makes so much sense!

    thanks lady di! 🙂

  7. WealthyLeadSystem says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the knowledge. Your wisdom is the best I have heard !!
    Scott Mosteller

  8. LindasHere55 says:

    For sure, there is …
    For sure, there is nothing worse than folks yelling at you with their product or service when they show no interest in who you are as a person.

    Loved the supermarket analogy. You have a gift. You know people.

  9. Armandoweb20training says:

    wow, truly awesome. …
    wow, truly awesome…… all your videos Diane…….Have learned alot from you…….


  10. weshaz57 says:

    Great Analogy

    Call …
    Great Analogy

    Call it, Buffet Dining,
    Supermarket shopping or
    cruising the Mall,
    You make an excellent point about the
    importance of generating multiple streams of income And having many entrances that Lead to your cash register just makes so much sense It is kind of like advertising – No one even sees your ad for diapers until
    they have a baby and actually need diapers, or like when you get a new car and you had never noticed how many CC’s were on the road until you owned one.
    Go D!

  11. thedigitalgangster says:

    Yeah the green tea …
    Yeah the green tea and tofu thing…. hmmm I don’t think so. Although I tried Green Tea once as well as Tofu.. Yeah just once lol.

    Another Day In The Jungle… I say BRING IT.


  12. dianehochman says:

    I SO enjoy you Eric …
    I SO enjoy you Eric 🙂

    I knew someone would notice the butterfly.

    Last weekend while I was away my girls decorated my office with TONS of butterflies…which are my special symbol.

    It was a birthday surprise 🙂

    I forgot to move them over before I did a few videos…and you of course…saw them right away!

    Mountain Dew…eh???

    No green tea and tofu????

  13. thedigitalgangster says:


    3 things… …

    3 things…

    1. I like the butterfly in the background.
    2. Today I bought some party peanuts and a diet mountain dew in the store.
    3. Awesome advice and when people get this message.. I mean really get this message things become fun.

    Oh and one last thing YOU ROCK.

    Eric Green AKA
    The Digital Gangster