MLM: Do Most People Fail? by Tim Sales

Tim Sales investigates: Do most people fail at network marketing? How can MLM’s get away with claiming that everyone can succeed? Learn what you need to know before you consider joining an MLM company.

Duration : 0:9:59

25 Responses to “MLM: Do Most People Fail? by Tim Sales”

  1. johnnyrocco100 says:

    @rob5linx Well we …
    @rob5linx Well we can see why you failed. Your attitude will see to that and Im sure it wont be the last time. Look in the mirror rob, thats the real problem.

  2. johnnyrocco100 says:

    @rob5linx Just …
    @rob5linx Just because you failed, does not mean others do

  3. MrSuperfood1 says:

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  4. filteredglitch says:

    incredible video! …
    incredible video! thank you very much for posting this!!!

  5. timsgsd says:

    Great video. Very …
    Great video. Very true.

  6. Mikorte says:

    People just quit …
    People just quit mlm because they buy other peoples ideas not their own. They do not know what to compare it to and they are afraid that others will not accept them anymore!!

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  7. MrEly24 says:

    it helps a lot… …
    it helps a lot… thanks!!!!

  8. suemonster says:


  9. anipqm says:

    Very enlightening. …
    Very enlightening. In just a few short minutes, he has taught me a lot. Thank you very much Tim.

  10. mlmsummit says:

    Tim Sales has been …
    Tim Sales has been a huge inspriation to me, as brilliant compensation helped to shape the way I viewed the MLM industry and validated my own choices regarding my business.

    I had the privalege to hear him speak at my company’s 15th International convention in 2008 and I wanted to give you the opportunity to see what Usana and ‘Team MLM Summit’ could offer you if you are in the situation I was in when I first came across Tim Sales. Check out my channel above for? more info

  11. Clipper52a says:

    The best business …
    The best business in the world is not MLM or any others. The best business in the world is trading the S&P, Gold, Pork Belly, Oats, and Forex.

  12. FairPlay02 says:

    I think most people …
    I think most people fail at network marketing because they are mostly pyramid schemes. The people who sell them,like the person in the video, make it too subtle for most people to understand the truth in the beginning. Hence people initially join, later realise their folly and then leave!

  13. mbsunlimited says:

    Wow. Who are you …
    Wow. Who are you and where did you come from?! This short video should be played in every school across America and the world. You explained the success principles so perfectly.Thanks for posting!

  14. OnlineBizCoach says:

    You are a great …
    You are a great motivator


  15. ke4jcd says:

    My wife sells Avon …
    My wife sells Avon to friends and family both local and over the internet. Avon is a Direct Sales company thou you can recruit people to sell Avon but most people do not, including my wife. Avon products are priced to sell, unlike ALL MLM companies. Avon provides FREE Training locally though local field offices, where you can sign up to sell Avon as did my wife. Field Supervisors are employed by Avon to provide help and training to local reps. So NO, Avon is not an MLM.

  16. kaledgs221612 says:

    ke4jcd… 😀

    you …
    ke4jcd… 😀

    you twit! AVON IS ALSO MLM or Direct Sales – you also distribute products and build a team to do just that with you… I’m really happy for your wife – keep it up! 🙂

  17. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    Golf sucks. MLM …
    Golf sucks. MLM rocks.

  18. ke4jcd says:

    And what are you …
    And what are you doing with this video Tim? Trying to sell training tools and NOT AN MLM business — why is that? Because you make MORE money (PROFIT) selling tools then the MLM products themselves. Most MLM TOP SELLERS are not making money selling the MLM but off the TOOLS, Meeting kick backs, and this is the LIE most are talking about Tim. I myself traded the small profits in MLM for bigger profits in Drop Shipping and my wife dose outstanding selling Avon.

  19. edimk25 says:

    think about this …
    think about this what is d most u can make with d company that ur lookin in to join? what ever d cap is most dont have a cap …that is how much u lost by not joining in …u didnt save any money by not joinin in u lost money ….

  20. cashwealthguru says:

    Great Video Tim
    Great Video Tim

  21. fdstacoma says:

    Tim this is Great …
    Tim this is Great Information!

  22. JJerome711 says:

    Right on norberto95 …
    Right on norberto95!!!!

  23. thewaytosuccess says:

    With start up costs …
    With start up costs that high you are more than likely confusing MLM with some direct sales companies, and MOST companies with those type of start up fees are scams

    hypothetically, If you ever wanted to join an MLM with $300 you could join a company outside Singapore, although you wont have local support, with the internet you shouldn’t have to many problems if you find the right mentor (important)

  24. liangjun24 says:

    well, i never heard …
    well, i never heard of joining MLM for free, at least in singapore. anyway, wish u the best for ur career!!! Btw, MLM is out for me 🙂

  25. kevinmastaw says:

    If you’re smart …
    If you’re smart about it, you can join ANY network marketing company (or MLM – which I don’t care for) for free. That’s how I start everyone who joins my downline.