Krumpers vs Clowns, Opportunity to Succeed!!

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Krump is similar in form and practice to traditional weapon dances, and for this reason is considered by many black people krumpers to be symbolic of, or referential to, their tribal roots. Dance “battling,” a form of dance where competitors face-off in a direct and aggressive competition, is an integral component of krump in a similar way to the earlier breakdance battles with “dissing” (mocking), and heightened moments of frantic, aggressive arm and chest movements (known as “buck” moves) being common.

Duration : 0:6:23

25 Responses to “Krumpers vs Clowns, Opportunity to Succeed!!”

  1. Ino707 says:

    lol old school …
    lol old school krumping!! see Krumping now lol, we’ll so who really wins ^_^

  2. titaniam12 says:

    the clowns got …
    the clowns got waisted duh everyone saw it that little girl sucks dude the little gangsta boi waisted that man i hate clowns

  3. silvastian says:

    omggggg tight eyez …
    omggggg tight eyez killedd ittt!!
    he murdered dat shit!!
    that alone won all of dat shyt!

  4. FlameWherewolf says:

    the klowns judge …
    the klowns judge got trobbed caus ppl found out they rigged it caus no one can beat tight eyez i wannan see him an kriss kaos battle

  5. koaj says:

    wow da little boy …
    wow da little boy at da end should of won clownz cheaterzz

  6. Leathal752 says:

    @thebradydude Thats …
    @thebradydude Thats good that cheated on the event the krumpers won that hands down. Who to this day can beat Tight Eyez?

  7. thebradydude says:

    i watched the whole …
    i watched the whole doc and at the end of the concert the clown judges house got robbed sad as

  8. brownsher says:

    yes its a girl
    yes its a girl

  9. racerboy12345 says:

    5:10 is that a …
    5:10 is that a chick or a dude?

  10. coolgirlyhotty says:

    krumpers rule! But …
    krumpers rule! But theyre both good!

  11. rush76543 says:

    They got cheated …
    They got cheated BAD…..there’s notin’ like krumpin’…..Tight Eyez was Amped tho

  12. riel127 says:

    clown won man not …
    clown won man not the krumping what fack man

  13. dabomb993 says:

    what are clowns???
    what are clowns???

  14. LATINOHEATforLIFE says:

    man tight eyez …
    man tight eyez should have gotten 3 points

  15. davidmartin8000 says:

    In all honesty, the …
    In all honesty, the krumpers got cheated cuz i kno the boy won at the end.The did get cheated just like lady said but tommy did not deserve to get his house trashed reguardless

  16. Blackish1ntentx says:

    This is a travisty …
    This is a travisty truly and is very regretful to say

  17. NYLIevali says:

    concert for larry …
    concert for larry LMAO nigga who the is larry

  18. irshaudsears says:

    krumpers should 0.o …
    krumpers should 0.o win cause clows are trughly clows

  19. sheriefryan says:

    krumpers should …
    krumpers should have won in my opinion

  20. cbhsfob says:

    5:08……….waz …
    5:08……….waz that the chipmunk version of a tough guy?? hahahaha

  21. bboyhyperlegs499 says:

    rize soundtrack – …
    rize soundtrack – krump clown bring it on down

  22. kpmaboo4life says:

    CLOWNz iS WH3R3 iTz …
    CLOWNz iS WH3R3 iTz AT…kRUMP3Rz D0NT HAT3 KUz yALL WASNT q00d 3N0UqH 4 THA CL0WNz….LARRy S0 F.CkiN S3Xy DUD3..BT y3A CL0WNz iS TAK3N 0VA FLAT0UT!!!!

  23. kraven4all says:

    WOW…..nice !

    WOW…..nice !

    anyone knows the song ? pls

  24. lydayjr says:

    whoa- tlk about …
    whoa- tlk about sore losers dude lmao- calm tht down

  25. oscardaone says:

    The Clowns would …
    The Clowns would have won only becuase they had more points. The lil boy killed dat at the end.