Job Title suggestions?

Easy 10 points to the top answer!!

I am moving my business into a new phase and I’m trying to do up new business cards, BUT.. I can’t seem to figure out what my "job title" should be on my cards. Because I do lots of different things it’s hard to narrow it down… I’m very successful, but I am only 24 – so it also needs to suit my age and personality.

My business includes aspects of the following:
I work from home / home based business
I teach people to make money / increase wealth / reduce tax
I do business & success coaching
I show people how to build business networks
I am also working on a couple of "start-up" business projects – but I LOATHE the term "entrepreneur"

Words that stand out to me are coach, success, wealth, business and that sort of thing.

BTW this may sound like an odd Q, but I’ve spent 3 days now trying to make my new cards and come up with a "job title" and I’m wasting my precious time… so I thought I’d just put it out there! so HELP ME PLEASE!

What about "business owner" or just "owner?"

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  1. L D says:

    keep it plain simple and professional
    Executive business manager; ceo
    This is all you need it establishes credability and
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  2. prairieprincess says:

    What about "business owner" or just "owner?"
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