I am looking for a legitimate home business…?

I am looking for a legitimate home based business with a low start up cost. I have extensive working knowledge in the medical field and the gaming field. In the area of testing software and writing user manuals. Unfortunately, I cannot show past work to potential clients because of the ‘for your eyes only’ classification. Some companies do not want to share. How would I get around this? I love this kind of work, but I will consider other opportunites in order to be able to work from my labtop.

Bottom line, my goal is to be able to move anywhere in the country and still have a job.

I heard something the other day that made me feel better about the fact that I had not yet discovered financial freedom through a Home-Based Business. I’ve really tried but I just haven’t been able to do it.

Do you know that 97% of the people who try a home-based Business Opportunity fail to create the financial freedom they dream of? Well, it’s true. I personally was relieved! Then I found out about MY POWER MALL.

Whether you’re part of the 97% or the 3% you’ll want to find out what MY POWER MALL has to offer. It’s not MLM. It’s not an Affiliate Program. It’s something totally new that has been 5 years and $500,000 in the making.

I’m not going to take time to explain it because MY POWER MALL has created some powerful movies and a great website that will do just that. I will tell you it is totally new, totally FREE, very simple, and can be done in conjunction with anything else you are doing to generate financial freedom. You could easily be making $4 – 6000 a month, but your income potential is unlimited. Interested? Click the button below! It will only take a few minutes to determine if our FREE program is what you have been looking for. I believe it is!


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  1. Bryn T says:

    Try this site:

    It’s for selling websites, which you may find interesting and profitable.

    Good luck, I hope this helps.
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  2. Steve M says:

    As a Florida Realtor, I too have been looking for something simple, low cost an effective. I found this at $10/mo, includes website, hosting, support and free trial.
    You can view it here at my website, which I put together in a matter of minutes
    or presentation here
    Take care, Steve
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  3. ScamBuster says:

    Legit ways to make $$ is to buy low and sell high on ebay/ or to start a website or blog and stick google ads on your site/blog. You can also start a small buz selling Avon, Mary Kay products…
    >Beware of Work From Home scams – – Don’t pay upfront fees.
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  4. Home Business Consultant says:

    I have been involved in many Business Opportunities over the years with no money to show for it! Work at home jobs, selling affiliate programs, mlm, gifting, you name it!

    They all sucked!

    I don’t know of any business in your area of expertise, but my current program is the ONLY ONE that generated a strong income very quickly.

    I own my own fully equipped, ready-to-take-orders Membership Site. I earn 100% commission (24.97 per month) on each membership I sell and I keep ALL the money!

    …That’s $24.97 PROFIT each and every month – for every member I sign up!

    My monthly income is without interruption and I no longer have to worry about when I’m going to get my next customer. All I do is simply get and keep enough members to maintain my monthly goal.

    Cost less than $25 and its real simple.

    Once you turn it on, it can’t stop sending you money…even if you wanted it to.

    If you’re interested, look below in the source block for the link.

    You wont regret it! It’s the greatest decision I ever made.
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  5. Paul C says:

    In response to your question, I would like to share a piece of news with you that caught my attention two weeks ago.

    Deepak Chopra has helped formulate and his "Chopra Center for Health" is enthusiastically endorsing a natural rejuvenative product called Zrii, which I have decided to help promote. Chopra, an author of more than 12 best-selling books is quite probably the world’s best-known M.D. A respected spiritual guide to millions and a rare cross between the best of the East and the West in practical spirituality and healing medicine, Chopra has never previously endorsed any product. In November 2006 Deepak Chopra was talking with his longtime friend Bill Farley, a top executive of Fruit of the Loom, Body Wise, BVD, Gitano, and other hugely successful corporations. They were discussing nutrition and the super foods and herbs of the world. Bill asked Deepak what superfood had yet to be discovered on a global scale and if there was a fruit that could help millions of people improve their health? Deepak told him about AMALAKI FRUIT, The Indian Gooseberry. Deepak explained that Amalaki is the central fruit in Ayurveda and widely regarded as one of the world’s most rejuvenating foods, loaded with phythonutrients that are necessary to rejuvenate and restore vitality. Bill asked Deepak if he would be interested in starting a multi-level marketing company to market a formulation around Amalaki, and Deepak said ‘no’, he couldn’t do that, but told Bill that if he could put together a formula, with a gooseberry base, and he could have veto power over the formulation, then he would wholeheartedly endorse it. So, Bill Farley assembled a team of Scientists and Doctors, including Ayurvedic doctors, who set to work on creating a remarkable ayurvedic formulation. Because Bill gave Deepak full veto power, the final formulation also came to be humorously known as formula 68, because that’s how many revisions it took till Deepak was satisfied with Bill’s efforts. Once formulation #68 arrived, Deepak was thrilled and Zrii was born!

    Zrii, a liquid combination of all-natural juices and herbs with no preservatives added, is targeted towards anyone wishing to maintain vibrant health and to slow the aging processes. The company, also called Zrii, is in a PRE-pre-launch phase. Bill Farley is the CEO and sole investor. Pre-launch and first product shipment is October 1st. I am writing to invite you to take a look at the product and the business, which I have evaluated and which I feel offers a very strong prosperity plan.

    By way of background I need to mention that 10 years ago I got involved with the Morinda (Tahitian Noni Juice) network marketing company during their pre-launch phase. The product really helped my health and that of several friends. Six months later, after working that business only part time, I was earning over $4,500 a month. Though I only worked it actively for about a year, about half-time, the income continued. I lived comfortably for several years on that income. Though it slowly declined, today, 10 years later, without having worked it for 9 years, I still get a monthly check from Morinda. In total, I’ve made over $150,000 from Morinda, which amounts to about $150 per hour for the time I put in. It’s clear that I could’ve made considerably more had I chosen to work harder and stay with it longer.

    The point is, I know from personal experience, that network marketing works very well IF the product, the company, the pay plan, and the story of the company are exceptionally good and if a person promotes it in a manner that is right for them. It is rare that all those things come together. I have not gotten serious about any networking business since that time because the opportunities did not impress me enough.

    A couple of weeks ago I was looking at my finances and pondering how good it would feel to have an extra couple thousand a month in the budget, how freeing that would be…to get out of debt and be able to afford more of the nice things I want and need in my life. Shortly thereafter, I got the invitation to look at the Zrii opportunity.

    That evening I was at my church chatting with a couple friends in the church library. I wasn’t even looking for a book, yet my eyes glanced behind my friends to the bookshelf where Chopra’s book, “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” stood out clearly from all the other books. How’s that for a “coincidence”?

    I mention these synchronicities because I’ve trained my mind to take some significance from such things and from the good feelings I get about something, rather than to make my decisions strictly from a rational process. And I do feel really good about this.

    I have decided that now is the time and the vehicle is right…in fact, the time is perfect for me to have a vehicle for wealth which allows me to offer coaching to help others attain financial security and independence, while promoting a product that helps people feel healthier and younger.

    In my work with my spiritual teachers, I have come to believe that the path to enlightenment and happiness is not about self-deprivation. This abundant universe wants us all to enjoy all the goodness life has to offer. I and the team I have joined are now creating the vehicle to bring the mindbodyhealthprosperity program alive for everyone who joins with us.

    The Opportunity of a Lifetime
    Right now, the product hasn’t even been officially announced or shipped and the company hasn’t even opened its doors. We are in “PRE-pre-launch”. On October 1st 2007, Deepak Chopra will announce “Zrii” and it will be a formulation like no other. If you’re familiar with Chopra, then we won’t need to convince you that the product will be incredible. The main ingredient in Zrii is Amalaki. Amalaki is grown at the foot of the Himalayas and is considered one of the strongest rejuvenatives in Ayurvedic medicine. Simply stated, Amalaki has one of the richest and most documented legacies of any fruit known today. In fact, Amalaki has been revered as the “Great Rejuvenator” and the “Fruit of Immortality” for centuries, due to its numerous healing properties and its ability to nourish the body on all levels. The science of “rejuvenation” refers to the ability of a fruit or herb to restore ones overall health, vitality, and radiance at a core level. As modern science begins to validate what ancients have known for centuries, Amalaki has emerged as the world’s most rejuvenating super foods.

    Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science
    In addition to being heralded for its youth-promoting and rejuvenative qualities, Ayurveda describes Amalaki as a potent anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, elixir for the skin and hair, and metabolic enhancer. Over the past 50 years, Amalaki has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies, ranging from its role in fighting cancer to its ability to increase healthy cholesterol (HDL), reduce wrinkles, and improve eyesight. Inspired by a classical Ayurvedic formulation Zrii features the revered botanical triad of Amalaki, Turmeric, and Tulsi. In addition to these powerful ingredients, Zrii draws upon the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the fruits Schizandra and Jujube. Lastly, the famed Ayurvedic fruit Haritaki was added to the blend for its mild detoxifying properties, and ginger was included for its assistance in helping to digest and assimilate all of the ingredients more effectively. In addition to helping “potentize” the Amalaki, each of the 6 supporting active ingredients also holds widely recognized healing properties of their own:
    Turmeric (root) improves circulation, digestion, and reduces inflammation
    Tulsi (leaf) improves digestion and intestinal health
    Schizandra (fruit) enhances mental function and memory? excellent ‘brain tonic’
    Jujube (fruit) calms the nerves and serves as a mild rejuvenative
    Haritaki (fruit) serves as a mild detoxifying agent, nourishes the tissues
    Ginger (root) improves digestion, absorption, and assimilation

    Wildcrafted in the “Lap of Himalayas”
    Harvested in the nutrient dense soil at the foot of the Himalayas, amalaki grows in some of the cleanest air and water on the planet. The fruit is wild crafted, a harvesting technique where the Amalaki fruits are taken from trees as they are naturally found. The wild crafted varieties are also grown in completely organic conditions, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides of any kind. The amalaki in Zrii processed by a cold pressed method which utilizes the whole plant. When you drink Zrii for the first time, you will feel this potency and aliveness. In combining the Amalaki with antioxidant rich juices such as pomegranate, grape, cranberry, and raspberry juice, the resulting blend is delicious, with a nutritional complexity that offers a wholly unique and exciting flavor.

    Opportunity Knocks
    This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. When you examine this opportunity with Deepak Chopra’s involvement with an incredible nutritional product, plus zero out of pocket investment until the company officially goes into the prelaunch phase in October, and the great CEO leadership, all of these critical components guarantee success for Zrii and your success as well.

    There really is no doubt that Zrii will be a huge success and become a billion dollar company faster than any other company in history. The question is, do you want to be involved and how do we guarantee YOUR success? What creates this PERFECT SYNCHRONICITY, THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY, is that Jonathan Parker, Lawrence Lanoff and Jim Lowitz have joined forces to create a Dream team of Support for your success. Here’s what you will gain by joining with us:

    Your Team
    (1) Jonathan Parker, PhD has authored one of the largest self-help CD libraries in the world that will help you recalibrate your mind for success! We will be offering weekly Teleconference training sessions on mind power as it relates to attracting and accumulating cash. Here is what Jim Lowitz says about Jonathan’s programs,"Believe me it works! I personally turned around a failing company into a million dollar company within months of listening to his CDs, and Jonathan will be supporting you all the way!"

    (2) You will also have access to Lawrence Lanoff. Lawrence has authored an amazing Course in Freedom and coauthored The Cash Flow Code. He is a master energy tracker and will support your efforts by identifying and helping you clear your blocks and guide you to great financial rewards.

    (3) Jim Lowitz has been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years. He’s founded 3 highly successful companies, one of which is a nutritional company. He is a master trainer, having been paid $3500/day to teach overcoming objections and setting appointments. Jim is an expert on how to ask for money and the sales process. He loves to coach and he is here to help you communicate to your prospective business partners what will help them get excited. Here’s an amazing fact: Jim had planned to start his own network marketing company, had put in $100,000 of his own money to get started, and was bringing in Jonathan and Lawrence into the corporate structure. Instead Jim reversed direction and has now opted for the ZRII OPPORTUNITY. You are gaining personal access to a truly amazing opportunity.

    (4) Jackie Parker has studied and practiced Ayurveda since 2000. She is certified as a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist (CAS) and Pancha Karma Specialist (PKS) from the California College of Ayurveda, the first State approved Ayurveda college in California. Jackie also completed the Ayurvedic Health Sciences Program through the California College of Ayurveda and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. Jackie will share her expertise on the herbal ingredients in Zrii and other Ayurvedic principles including healthy dietary practices, and lifestyle routines to align with the wisdom of nature so you can experience vibrant, glowing health.

    (5) Zoilita Grant has dedicated her life to helping people become empowered and reach their dreams. She spent over 30 years working as a psychotherapists specializing in hypnosis and conscious development. As director of Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy she teaches skills that are designed to help people excel. All of her products focus on self-help and self-development. Today as a Life Coach, Zoilita focuses concrete skills and plans to improve the quality of life. Hearing about the Zrii phenomenon, Zoilita immediately felt committed to the development of this program for the benefit of all.

    (6) Paul Chubbuck. As a practicing psychotherapist, I specialize in assisting people to let go of blocks to happiness or well-being arising from past loss or trauma. I also have 18 years of experience in sales and marketing, including 6 years during which I owned my own successful networking marketing business and assisted several friends to become successful. For the last two years I have studied the Abraham teachings on how to utilize the law of attraction to manifest my desires and I am learning to effectively share that approach with others.

    Does it sound like this team might be able to help you fulfill your desires for financial abundance?

    Timing is everything
    Dr. Chopra passed on the secret of Zrii to his longtime friend, Bill Farley, who will officially open the new company to support the sales of Zrii in April of 2008. (Pre-launch phase is October 1, 2007 to April, 2008.) Anyone interested can buy, sell or distribute the product. The name of the company is also "Zrii”. Zrii is a powerful and unforgettable Sanskrit word that means “Light, luster, splendor, beauty, good fortune, and prosperity.” But here’s the thing that caught my attention—the company literally just began a few weeks ago. In this PRE-pre-launch phase, it has already attracted hundreds. I contacted two successful network marketing partners from my past to tell them about Zrii and they are already are on board, recruited by someone else! That got my attention because they are both people who’ve made millions in this industry with their good picks of companies to join. The combination of Deepak Chopra’s involvement with the product and the incredible opportunity of being in the startup phase of the company are the big reasons for my interest. If you’re familiar with network marketing, you understand the importance of timing. We don’t have much time before the flood gates will open. I am looking for like-minded people who want to partner with me and my team, people who want to share our vision for better health, wealth and happiness for everyone and that Zrii is a vehicle for all of this.

    One of the exciting and incredible features of this PRE-pre-launch period is that until October 1, you can become part of this phenomenon without any upfront financial investment and offer this same opportunity to others. Because of this PRE-pre-launch phase we have a special opportunity to get a jump start on this exciting opening to a wonderful future. It is to your advantage to get started as soon as possible. Then, shortly after product first ships on October 1st, you’ll see your first check! It will all keep growing from there.

    There is just so much more to tell you, but I first need to know if you’re interested. If you are, please respond to this email as soon as possible and I will call you with more.

    Warm wishes for your success and happiness,
    Paul Chubbuck

    P.S. For those ready to join with us we are planning to have regular MindPower conference calls creating, building and sustaining a prosperity/cash vortex for all of those participating in our Zrii group. These empowering calls will consist of utilizing all we know about the power of the laws of attraction, group energy and intention with guided sessions to keep the cash flow clear, open and flowing. If you’d like to learn more about the product and the business opportunity, please let me know so I can forward you the details. You can also find more information at and a link there to a short video about Zrii. No spam please.

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  6. George J says:

    Please send an e-mail to me at and I will share a most rewarding opportunity with you. It’s a PRIVATE PROGRAM , SO i AM NOT ALLOWED TO POST THE DETAILS HERE !
    The program is 3 years old with 250,000 members in 50 countries and it is paying !
    It is set up very uniguely, in that we are paid by the members….ADMIN CAN’T RUN WITH OUR MONEY IN THIS ONE !!

    Thanks …I’m looking forward to hearing from you !

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  7. stannas says:

    You got nothing to lose by checking this one out:
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  8. Change Your Life says:

    I started a home based business with a new international company that is 100% free and totally different. It’s legitimate and not like anything else around. There is nothing to sell, no meetings, and all the tools are free. It’s an honest company with good morals and we are trying to help everyone who wants to work at home and make some extra money. Again it’s free so you have nothing to lose.

    It is possible to work for an honest company, at home with no cost. No matter what people may say. Let me know if you want more info.
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  9. Bea J says:

    Yes, that would be smart, to be able to move anywhere & still have your income! Good thinking!

    I have found a super home based business – – I am so happy with it!! It is pretty easy to do and pays dependably on the 15th of every month! I would encourage you to check it out, it’s listed in my profile here.

    Best of luck to you,
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  10. Bella says:

    I heard something the other day that made me feel better about the fact that I had not yet discovered financial freedom through a Home-Based Business. I’ve really tried but I just haven’t been able to do it.

    Do you know that 97% of the people who try a home-based Business Opportunity fail to create the financial freedom they dream of? Well, it’s true. I personally was relieved! Then I found out about MY POWER MALL.

    Whether you’re part of the 97% or the 3% you’ll want to find out what MY POWER MALL has to offer. It’s not MLM. It’s not an Affiliate Program. It’s something totally new that has been 5 years and $500,000 in the making.

    I’m not going to take time to explain it because MY POWER MALL has created some powerful movies and a great website that will do just that. I will tell you it is totally new, totally FREE, very simple, and can be done in conjunction with anything else you are doing to generate financial freedom. You could easily be making $4 – 6000 a month, but your income potential is unlimited. Interested? Click the button below! It will only take a few minutes to determine if our FREE program is what you have been looking for. I believe it is!

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  11. Amanda F says:

    I am currently involved with Mona Vie. Mona vie is a blend of 19 different fruits that yield the highest possible anti oxidants. The crown jewel of the blend come from Brazil its called the Acai berry(AHH Sigh EEEE). The Acai berry has been featured on Oprah and in many medical texts.

    It is a MLM Business. It NOT a typical pyramid type business in which many people think of right off the bat. Its a business that is only 2 years old and debt free. 85% of the income generated by Mona Vie sales comes from Florida. That means 15% is split up between Singapore, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. That means this opportunity is wide open. A distributorship costs $39.00 plus tax. that allows you to purchase the product at wholesale and sell it retail. Because in Mona vie if the team fail we all fail
    Mona Vie is structured as such that any distributor can make more money than the person who sponsored them.. (NOT a PYRAMID) Mona Vie business plan is simple Take the product, Share it with some one. The product will sell itself. I have had great results, and at 23, it is the easiest way to make extra income. No parties to give. No knocking door to door. and its only $39 to sign up. Plus, its such a great product, you’ll love it yourself, so you’ll feel great about selling it to help people.

    here is my website to check it out:

    Feel free to ask me any questions. It’s fun, and I’ll be happy to help you. 🙂
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