How To Use Taxes To Grow Your Network Marketing Business

You know what really amazes me is that a lot of people in network marketers or affiliate marketers never really take the advantages of the tax benefits to grow their home based business. I know people want to talk about how great their product or the compensation plan is, but in order to have more people look at your presentation you need to start explaining the tax saving that you will receive just for running a home based business from the comfort of their homes.

Most potential prospects have a nine to five so they are more receptive to hearing about a business presentation, when you can make it relate to their finances and how you can increase their take home pay by as much as $200-$300 a month if they ran an home based business. The average person who is making $60,000 a year is only bringing home about $45,000 after taxes, so that means that before they can ever see their check uncle sam is hitting it up. Now that means that they are leaving $15,000 on the table and if you could somehow show them how you could get back have or maybe all of it back if they operated a home based business, you would have a lot more prospects and potential customers than you start using this method of prospecting.

So when marketing your business opportunity, approach with the advantages of the tax savings, be different than every other potential network marketer out their. You have to learn to stand out and be a leader that everyone will want to follow and you will definitely see a tremendous growth in your business this year.

I teach marketers who are not having any success attracting prospect to their websites, the methods of attraction marketing.

Carl Walker

3 Responses to “How To Use Taxes To Grow Your Network Marketing Business”

  1. Rob says:

    Government is for business not the people?
    I’m re-posting this do to spam and members that wanta high post count.

    Many people say government is for business not the people and business have alot of control over the government .

    How does this work and why is the government for business not the people .

    Just found this doing some web surfing today.

    Two-thirds of all corporations don’t pay the corporate tax:…t…

    Agricultural subsidization is mostly welfare for the wealthy:…e…

    The federal government alone gives $150 billion each year in the form of subsidies:…r…

    The average net wealth of your Congressman is $21,000,000, and the average net wealth of your Senator is $60,000,000:

    Our energy bills, which are advised by employees of oil companies, give tax breaks to Big Oil:…n…

    Ten corporations and their subsidiaries control about 80% of all television networks:…57C0A9…

    Our voting machines are outsourced to private companies, some of which have direct ties to political parties:

    Wars profit manufacturers of guns, steel, automobiles, automobiles, body armor, boots, packaged food, tires, and extraction industries that deal with coal, silver, and so on:…m…

    When we need more money, the Federal Reserve prints bills, which it sometimes gives to banks, and then the banks will loan our money back to us and charge taxpayers interest:

    Wal-Mart gets close to $2 billion each year in subsidies and tax breaks:

    Burger King and Mcdonald’s farms are almost completely subsidized:

    98% of all newspapers in a city or town are monopolies, less than 15 corporations control most popular news sources:

    The top 1,000 major corporations have 35,000 full-time lobbyists:

    Historically for large organizations to exist and utilize economics of scale, the government needs to create corporate charters, subsidies, patents, copyrights, land grants, and tax benefits. So how do they defend capitalism as being free when it relies directly on the government to exist? How come we have to bail out all three of the leading American car manufacturers at risk of losing an entire market?

    I think William Domhoff (the above link) does an excellent job at detailing the way this works at the local level, and implying strongly how it works at higher levels. . . And as far as more detail for higher levels works, I’m not certain but I’d bet Chomsky has written
    Please grow up and read what is going on than post stupit replies like. Quote Government is for itself…or Government is not for business..

    Look at the pharmaceutical companies/private healthcare.

    Again grow up and read and stop the sound bite replies.

  2. Charlie79 says:

    Its now the United States Of America, Corporation.
    –we are nothing but human capital to the government.

    Have you heard of Capitis Diminutio Maxima?
    References :–you can skip ahead to about 2 minutes.

  3. Puzzled says:

    Economist call it the trickle down effect. They think if the rich are making loads of money they will provide lots of jobs for the people at the bottom. When really it should be the other way round.
    References :