How To Start an IV

How to start an IV (Intravenous catheter). My wife made this for a video class awhile back.

Duration : 0:7:26

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  1. geopsych00 says:

    “…this can help …
    “…this can help calm their nerves, and yours as well.”

    – I love this part.. Thank You! 😀

  2. martinezyadira says:

    good video!
    good video!

  3. K1kuch1 says:

    @kathy1977 Your …
    @kathy1977 Your born this way, genetics have a great power on how your body work,but you could try to work on a gym, pumping iron could increase the blod flow and dilate your veins.

  4. hansford87 says:

    oh and what was …
    oh and what was wrong

  5. hansford87 says:

    very helpful
    very helpful

  6. paoloeses says:

    thank you
    thank you

  7. pikas23 says:

    Nice. thanks
    Nice. thanks

  8. sassyeinjhel11 says:

    thanks!great video. …
    thanks!great helps:)

  9. z0mbieninja says:

    18. Youch. 😀 Great …
    18. Youch. 😀 Great video.

  10. kathy1977 says:

    I hate having an IV …
    I hate having an IV started on me. I have REALLY bad veins. By that I mean they are VERY thin. The nurses feel my arms and hands and literally feel nothing. Last time I got stuck 9 times before the anesthesiologist finally put it in my neck. And a central line in the OR. I assume there are some RN’s here. How can a patient make their veins fatter? I have tried drinking tons of water in the weeks leading up to a procedure. Doesn’t work. And some nurses seem to LOVE sticking patients repeatedly.

  11. nirvanachick84 says:

    all the feeling …
    all the feeling around for vains makes me wanna throw up!!

  12. ThePopularChick1 says:

    I have had an IV …
    I have had an IV before and I’m twelve it doesn’t hurt all I do is squeeze my eyes shut and then its over I look at when they do all the other stuff cuz I think its cool

  13. HotHulahoopingMess says:

    I rotate to the ER …
    I rotate to the ER next week and I know I will have to start one. I’m SCARED!!!!

  14. HonuGirl50 says:

    Yes, a few mistakes …
    Yes, a few mistakes but a nice video and pretty helpful. Thank you for uploading.

  15. MaedaKumiko says:

    thnx 4 uploading!! …
    thnx 4 uploading!! i iwll have my return demo later on …

  16. wendlestix says:

    thnx, great …
    thnx, great video-really helped me

  17. aserath01 says:

    Do they hurt? …
    Do they hurt? Depends on who does it. If the nurse have a lot of experience then it won’t hurt much. If the nurse sucks or if you have bad veins then it can hurt quite badly.

  18. H2TLILDANCER says:

    do they hurt?
    do they hurt?

  19. 1sherone says:

    thanks, good video
    thanks, good video

  20. kristynlauren says:

    Sorry but this …
    Sorry but this video should be titled, “How NOT to start an IV.”

    I noted several mistakes in the first minute.

  21. creamyice74 says:

    I’m scared. I think …
    I’m scared. I think I would be more comfortable doing it, than have it being done to me.

  22. Lumineux2008 says:

    thanks ..wish you …
    thanks ..wish you more progress

  23. epicalliejane says:

    You didnt occlude …
    You didnt occlude the vein once the cathalon was inserted, while you were putting the saline lock on. Blood would be pouring out.

  24. procrastinator87 says:

    thanks for the info!
    thanks for the info!

  25. slimsumie says:

    To make sure it …
    To make sure it works and to make sure there is no blood in the tubing that may lead to clotting and blockage.