How to Start a Home-Based Business

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6 Responses to “How to Start a Home-Based Business”

  1. BIGACE56 says:

    alright kristie …
    alright kristie girl!

    Do that thing! God bless you always and may he continue to prosper you and your family!
    Your girl, Tammy

  2. robandalease says:

    Kristie – you speak …
    Kristie – you speak the truth! We love the wisdom in your words!

  3. robandalease says:

    Excellent Video …
    Excellent Video Kristy! Your spirit is awesome!

  4. jmedina1002 says:

    Very nice, you took …
    Very nice, you took a chance at something that was out of your comfort zone in search of a better life 4 you and your family! Kudoos to you!!

  5. livingdreams2day says:

    Better than Great! …
    Better than Great! – I give this video a high9!!! Good concept of how a daily life for a working mom can be and still maintain a professional career.

    I can relate to your video Kristy, although I am not a mom…lol. Working long hours and the downsizing. Nowadays you do not know if you will have a J.O.B. the next day due to the economy.

    The only thing I would change would be the title of the video, besides that, GREAT VIDEO!

  6. FLYYNJKIDD says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for empowering me to want something more from life. My 9 to 5 is just that Nine to Five… with no breaks. I needed your motivation, Motivate me more!