How To Make Money From Music Business Opportunities

TAXI Member Dean Krippayne explains a childhood experience, and how it relates to getting your music into the right hands by using TAXI opportunities.

Duration : 0:5:59

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  1. TheMikeSherratt says:

    Ive just seen your …
    Ive just seen your video’s i think it is really good thanks for being my friend hope you have lots of success in your life.


  2. RockyRacohen says:

    No useful info
    No useful info

  3. JAEWILLZTV says:


  4. oneionu says:

    I found the …
    I found the information outstanding!!! the childhood experience was genius,to relate to a room full of adults about a human experince,’ I applaud your tactic and your result!!!

  5. SonicMelon says:

    Very cool
    Very cool

  6. MoneyWithMusic says:

    Bottom line, we …
    Bottom line, we don’t know what is written on those ping pong balls that we grab, but if we don’t grab any then we miss the opportunity. Taxi listings are the opportunity. Build up your music library and start submitting to them.

  7. chrismarx85 says:

    I live in …
    I live in washington. woot.

  8. doctorbusiness says:

    I get it, show up! …
    I get it, show up! The moral of his story to me says: Get rid of excuses, and distractions, commit yourself to your goal and make your product sure and available! Thanks, I needed to hear that!!

  9. BigPiePublishing says:

    I was there that …
    I was there that night. It was really good.