How to Find the Right Work at Home Business

You click on “Sign up now!”  and start mentally spending your new six figure income. Wait, what’s this? A sign up fee of $149.95?  I have to have six phone lines coming into my home? You want me to get all my friends to sign up too? I have to sell 16 cases per month? Suddenly, this doesn’t seem like such a great plan after all. Unfortunately, for most people the next “opportunity” is just another version of the same. While you could simply click on link after endless link until you get lucky, here are some things to consider which can help make the narrowing-down process a little easier.

First, ask yourself how much money, if any, you are willing to invest into your new job. Keep in mind that most home based businesses do not refund your money if you decide for any reason the job isn’t for you.  Also, any money you may spend, or account information used to send the money, may or may not be going to a legitimate business. Before sending any money, it would be wise to do a few searches on the company to see if any scam alerts surface.
Second, ask yourself how much time you are willing and able to dedicate to your home based business. Are you looking to spend just a few hours a week to pull in a little extra income? Or are you looking for something equivalent to a full time job? For many people, sales positions only provide them with a few hours of work or so per week. Generally, office and clerical positions have a better chance of providing full-time hourly work.

Also important to consider is whether you have the right skill set, training, and personality to be successful in your new job. If you’re more of a social-butterfly “people person”, you may do quite well in sales or “home party” jobs. You might just be one of the few that can make a substantial income pushing products to people you don’t know. If you tend to do better in a work-alone environment, perhaps you’d be more suited to look into transcription, editing, or web marketing positions.
Next, you have to consider what kind of home based business your home office is best equipped for.  Many hourly or salaried positions require a high speed Internet connection, home phone line, and newer Windows operation system. If you’re one of those people working on a dial-up connection while using their cell phone as a home phone, it may be time to consider upgrading. The general rule-of-thumb is less technology equals more face-to-face time.

Another good question to ask yourself is whether you’re looking to work for an Internet based company, or a local company. While many Internet based companies promise higher income and better opportunity, working for local companies which allow telecommuting also offers several benefits. Locally based companies are more likely to offer a benefits package to telecommuting employees. They also offer a better sense of security, in that they are highly unlikely to be fraudulent. After considering the many different aspects of a home based business, you should have a better idea of what kind of work you’d be best suited for. Before committing to anything, try asking family and friends whether they have any recommendations. Someone you know might know someone-who-knows-someone, and can recommend a good company to you. Even if they don’t know of a company to recommend, they may be able to advise you against certain companies, and possibly keep you from losing time or money on a company known for an inability to deliver the income and opportunity it may promise.

Finding a work from home opportunity takes only a minute or two. Just search any job site, local classified websites, or even a local newspaper. Finding the home based business that is right for you, however, is well worth the added time and effort. The more consideration you invest in your decision, the more likely you are to be successful and to be happy.

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Jeffrey S. Dutt

3 Responses to “How to Find the Right Work at Home Business”

  1. w.dolgner says:

    Where can I find people who want to start a home business right away?
    I am working from home and looking for business partners to help promote discount benefits. The business isn’t difficult but needs commitment and caring individuals. Where can I find people willing to work as a team to help others and their team mates, as well while generating an income from home?

  2. kapn says:

    I have hundreds of friend and associates……none of the guys/girls have ever made any money from these on lines offers…..if they did they would be talking about it and I would be in on it………SCAM
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  3. Anne says:

    Probably a good place would be to market your business in an area people are looking for work from home experiences. Local paper, areas on the internet.
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