How To Design A Lead Capture Page Using NVU

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This video tutorial will help you to design a lead capture page using NVU. Great for anyone who is not techie and want to startup their business, attracting leads.

Capture page is one of the great tools to use in which you lead people to capture their details.

The great thing about this is you might want to build an online business but you’re limited in budget. So how can you build a business under budget?

I mean, it costs money to advertise in newspapers, and printing flyers, posters and brochures. Even when you give them out, there is no lead back and we know what many do with flyers.

They throw them away.

With a lead capture page, you can create an optin form to capture people’s name, email address and telephone number. Or just their email address.

Now, you can build relationship and lead them to the first front end of your product.

But first you have to really know your audience group. Then know their needs.

This is done by first doing some market research and look at the market. Then see if it is profitable and has value. If it is profitable then you must find out why.

Plus, what product is it, the niche, the break down of the people who are purchasing. Why are they purchasing and what keywords they are using.

It’s amazing what you can do and learn when you see the behaviour of people.

When you have this sorted out, then you use other techiques to attract leads, prospects, of your audience group to your capture page.

Revealing on the headline their solution but making sure, you mention their pain.

I would advice to look at Magnetic Sponsouring, black belt, building on a budget, Traffic Formula.

This video tutorial can be followed by anyone and have their own lead capture launched.

Duration : 0:9:44

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  1. kingjim007 says:

    Nice Outro mate ¶:Þ
    Nice Outro mate ¶:Þ

  2. marketing2millions says:

    Great content …
    Great content brother!

  3. offthehook2 says:

    @Stopcocks It won’t …
    @Stopcocks It won’t work that way. It’s reason why I’m busy because of clients realising that it’s not just html. To make yours work, you need to learn how to use CSS and Facebook markup language.

    It’s a myth when you read, “paste html” and it will work. It doesn’t.

    So you’ll need to get to grip with css and facebook markup language, using style sheets and test using dreamweaver.

  4. Stopcocks says:

    Hi Adam,
    Great …

    Hi Adam,
    Great video. I have created a landing page using NVU, but when I paste the code into facebook static FBML box the page is blank.
    Can you help?

  5. DreamTexan says:

    This tutorial ROCKS …
    This tutorial ROCKS Thank God for the pause button so I could keep up. I followed this to make my first optin page

  6. offthehook2 says:

    @litetheory My …
    @litetheory My pleasure. Hope to see your capture page up and making happen online. Cheers.

  7. litetheory says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video sir!

  8. offthehook2 says:

    @fmerfalen Second, …
    @fmerfalen Second, have an optin form on your blog and create something that will help your prospect, something real valuable they need. Maybe an ebook, maybe an ezine newsletter and use headline carefully and make content awesome.

    Focus always directing to blog to build your QUALITY list. It’s not the size of list but the quality, relationship, trust you built with the list. Before you do capture page “create a full strategy.” Know what happens first, right to the end.

    Test, test what works.

  9. offthehook2 says:

    @fmerfalen Yes in …
    @fmerfalen Yes in future. Just working on my website.

    I would advise to focus on targeting your niche using keywords. This is obvious so dig into this but my advise is this…

    Don’t lead your prospects to capture page first. Use your keyword research to build a blog around the content targeting your niche. Focus on bringing back to your blog and THEN use call of action at bottom of articles to lead to capture page.

    Believe me, you’ll build trust and relationship faster.

  10. fmerfalen says:

    Great video thanks, …
    Great video thanks, Do ou have instructions on how to promote your capture page

  11. TOPHYDRO says:

    Good Job Sir!
    Good Job Sir!

  12. mohau123 says:

    Just what I needed. …
    Just what I needed. Thanks man

  13. rafaquintana16b says:

    You are the man. So …
    You are the man. So simple, so precise, keep doing this. Greetings from Venezuela!!

  14. buatMLMonline says:

    Love your video…
    Love your video…

  15. OnePlusZero says:

    Don’t you think …
    Don’t you think that this video has been misnamed?
    “How to copy text from Microsoft Word into a different application and save as HTML”

  16. conillusionist says:

    thanks, great vid
    thanks, great vid

  17. WhatNexTV says:

    Great vid! Very …
    Great vid! Very helpful

  18. nicolescooper says:

    Thanks so much. Now …
    Thanks so much. Now I want to know how do you create the second page after they’ve opted in?

  19. officialAlanToaca says:

    Keep up the great …
    Keep up the great work man!

    Alan Toaca

  20. gdicoaching says:

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    Your video is a life-saver…where are you from, by the way?
    greetz b

  21. inthelivingroomllc says:

    Excellent video …
    Excellent video tutorial!!

  22. offthehook2 says:

    My pleasure …
    My pleasure asklorenzo. Cheers for watching.

  23. asklorenzo says:

    Very helpful. …
    Very helpful. Thanks alot

  24. offthehook2 says:

    My pleasure …
    My pleasure akbar2k7.

  25. akbar2k7 says:

    Nice one brother
    Nice one brother