HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT, Start making money now! – – In this video, I teach you the basics on how to make money online. This video will show you how what Google Adsense is and why you should use it on your blog or website. I also show you how to create a Google Adsense account and give you tips on how to get accepted.

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21 Responses to “HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE ADSENSE ACCOUNT, Start making money now! –”

  1. Bak3dB3an says:

    Say you have 2 or 3 …
    Say you have 2 or 3 websites, do you have to make an account for everyone of these websites?

  2. youproblog says:

    @laverkfc4stitching …
    @laverkfc4stitching It can take up to a couple of weeks before you’ll get an answer. sometimes it just takes a couple of days.

  3. youproblog says:

    @djkeeblerg check …
    @djkeeblerg check your bank account settings.

  4. youproblog says:

    @mkakiler no you …
    @mkakiler no you can only use own domain names or blogger (and maybe a couple of other websites that i’ve forgotten)

  5. youproblog says:

    @650ma thanks a lot!
    @650ma thanks a lot!

  6. youproblog says:

    @TheUbaid99 I’m not …
    @TheUbaid99 I’m not sure, you might have to do some research for this, but i think so.

  7. youproblog says:

    @CamiaThug yes you …
    @CamiaThug yes you certainly can. the ads are embedded into javascript so as long as you can use javascript you’ll be fine.

  8. youproblog says:

    @Graphiction yup
    @Graphiction yup

  9. youproblog says:

    @MoultonProductions …
    @MoultonProductions yeah but then your dad/mum will have to cash the check. they will also have to pay taxes for this.

  10. MoultonProductions says:

    What if you don’t …
    What if you don’t have a bank account?Do you put the name of like your parents name?

  11. CamiaThug says:

    hi 🙂
    im just want …

    hi 🙂
    im just want to know that can i put ads in my website ( or (.tk)?
    please help me and thanks 🙂

  12. Graphiction says:

    is it free to sign …
    is it free to sign up?

  13. TheUbaid99 says:

    Does this work in …
    Does this work in india?

  14. 650ma says:

    Thanks! Good stuff! …
    Thanks! Good stuff!
    mary C.

  15. mkakiler says:

    also for the url …
    also for the url add the start of the google form can you put it as your youtube channel or your vids?

  16. mkakiler says:

    wait you can put in …
    wait you can put in on youtube like your vids? (My vids)

  17. djkeeblerg says:

    i am not receving …
    i am not receving any payments from the ads, can u tell me why….

  18. laverkfc4stitching says:

    Hey Dude I Filled …
    Hey Dude I Filled Everythin But Got Messege Say That I Shud Check My Email Day Later I Did But Got None So I Dont Know

  19. Arkcyph09 says:

    @youproblog what do …
    @youproblog what do you put as your URL if you want to put it on your own video

  20. 9848674445 says:

    @youproblog how …
    @youproblog how about Canada?

  21. ypanquef says:

    my video got tryd …
    my video got tryd out for partnership omfg