Home Movies Business and Pleasure 2/3

Home Movies Business and Pleasure 2/3
Part 3:

Duration : 0:7:27

25 Responses to “Home Movies Business and Pleasure 2/3”

  1. zippadeedooday says:

    “Mom, no, seriously …
    “Mom, no, seriously, stop!



  2. zachariascaliberto says:

    i love that line, …
    i love that line, classic home movies imo

  3. zachariascaliberto says:

    MERAAAAA! Heard it
    MERAAAAA! Heard it

  4. SneakerZeeker says:

    wow . i just …
    wow . i just realized who coach mcguirk is. his voice over is the same guy who is doing that guy in that new show Archer now. i knew he sounded familiar

  5. SneakerZeeker says:

    i like how brendon …
    i like how brendon looked at melisa lol

  6. EffingAndJeffing says:

    Well, sir, how’d …
    Well, sir, how’d you get a cut on your- BRENDON!

  7. CAR18MEN says:

    whoever smelt it

    whoever smelt it
    delt it

    …Brendon i dont know of poetry

  8. stylezofom says:

    did anyone notice …
    did anyone notice the ‘my clock is orange’ poster at 0.02. hahaha

  9. bigfnar says:

    YESS!!! I have not …
    YESS!!! I have not brushed my teeth in four months

  10. ThundermanX17 says:

    jason:brendon, one …
    jason:brendon, one more thing
    jason: have you seen george around?
    brendon: no
    Jason:(as George) brendon im right here

  11. tehblckdeth says:

    You can’t fool me …
    You can’t fool me with your logic!

  12. AtomicFall says:

    Yes! Some of the …
    Yes! Some of the little details in the animation are awesome.

  13. MrBishup1 says:

    Couch …
    Couch McGuirk-Because your late. everone voted you to be one who takes Mr Freckels down to the other side of the feild to do his business.
    Bredon-The janitor?
    Couch McGuirk-Mr Freckles not Mr Fitzgerald.

  14. PhatNat1991 says:

    Lol i stopped to …
    Lol i stopped to think about the race car thing

  15. peniosasdasd says:

    He is actaooly …
    He is actaooly kinda interlectuel with his mom.

  16. jlprizm says:

    i love when jason …
    i love when jason spreads brendon’s hands when talking about expanding his role in the movie. hilarious.

  17. ifrit26 says:

    bruuhhh…Heard it!
    bruuhhh…Heard it!

  18. EmperorCzarNicholas says:

    Brendan talks very …
    Brendan talks very interlectual with his mom to be a kid tho, McGuirk, iz just a fool, aha.

  19. Rambox222 says:

    at :46 he is …
    at :46 he is pouring a oj in the oatmeal then at 1:17 he’s drinking the oj wtf

  20. MrLejend says:

    2:06 to 2:19 is the …
    2:06 to 2:19 is the best dialouge in the series its the most random and hilarious.

  21. MrLejend says:


  22. AmericanMonk247 says:

    My Clock is Orange
    My Clock is Orange

  23. thefightingZabkas says:

    i don’t know from …
    i don’t know from poetry…

  24. Mrsiepel says:

    I think they meant …
    I think they meant for the dog to belong to one of the kids and not McGuirk. That’s the only thing I could come up with. =/

  25. khalithistle says:

    “oatmeal contains.. …
    “oatmeal contains….oatmeal!”

    i love it when paula tries to say sensible, knowledgeable mom-type stuff to brendon and it comes out all…well, paula-ish. when she tries to give him advice in the writer’s block episode is another great example