Home-Based Business Scams

Common home-based business scams and how to avoid them provided by

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4 Responses to “Home-Based Business Scams”

  1. Roger59Dodge says:

    Right On!, Totally …
    Right On!, Totally Agree, My Opinion is that mostly all 99.9% Of Home Businesses are a “Scam”
    I don’t know how they get away with it?

    Like “Crazy Like A Fox” Advertising on TV yet.

  2. ptwbiz says:

    Right on!
    Right on!

  3. ptwbiz says:

    Hey there.. Great …
    Hey there.. Great Job! You covered a lot of the bad stuff out there. I think the comment about MLM was a little off in that what you were ACTUALLY referring to was the gifting programs where there is no product. I just hate to see MLM mentioned in the same sentence as pyramid. You are doing good work.

  4. BizLady1 says:

    Very informative, …
    Very informative, thanks so much for sharing!