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20 Responses to “Home Based Business Money Inspiration”

  1. vmavmusic says:

    ur as cute as a …
    ur as cute as a button.. but seriously, good video, thank you

  2. KMxodusonline says:

    OK – here it goes – …
    OK – here it goes – money has never motivated me. I’ve always worked best at jobs I enjoyed rather than made me rich. Then I discovered I enjoyed being at home with my family – but needed money to do that – and internet marketing is allowing em to stay home. There is my motivation to earn money.

  3. phpguru4 says:

    Money is a claim on …
    Money is a claim on human labor.

  4. beachmoney100k says:

    i like where your …
    i like where your coming from….keep it going..

  5. worksmarterbiz says:

    She is beautiful – …
    She is beautiful – no debating that

  6. AntiPrep789 says:

    Money is important …
    Money is important to me, because I hope one day to visit places around the world. I want be able to attend events for fun even if it is right in the middle of the week. I don’t want to hold back myslef from what makes me happy because I can’t afford it or I don’t feel conferatable paying for it. Life should be about what you want to do or what you don’t do, it should be about what you do and what you will do. I am 15 and someday I’m going to be a millionaire… Advice anyone?

  7. bigmusclestoday says:

    The Money …
    The Money Verbalizes for Itself. Free Signup getyourwebmoney . COM

  8. VisionExpand says:

    your a positive …
    your a positive girl..real..and a visionary…keep it up! see you on the beaches of the world!

  9. kevinMLM says:


    I really …

    I really connected with your message today. Keep up the good work.

    Just remember to surround yourself with a positive community of knowledgable people that you can learn from and vice versa and build relationships with.

    By doing this, you will create FAR MORE success for youself.

    Stay growing,


  10. cyclone178 says:

    Dream board… …
    Dream board…awesome idea. I’m a new small independent business owner. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. michelletaylordesign says:

    Ohhh I really …
    Ohhh I really enjoyed listening to your positive outlook.
    have you read the secret?x

  12. andy3dz says:

    Can I buy you a …
    Can I buy you a drink?

  13. AutomaticKashDaily says:

    I can only hear her …
    I can only hear her bosoms talking to me, and she knows that, that’s why she made the video. {attention}

  14. randymorecash says:

    Fantastic video
    Fantastic video

  15. diamondheadh says:

    Its True I have …
    Its True I have similar motivations for making money. Its important because I love my family and I love the outdoors I am in Oahu love it here and well lets just say traveling can be costly. My motivation is to do the things that I like. Surfing being one of them, running and traveling. I am a business major and well Business is my opening door to do what I want. I value my friends and family and traveling. those are my main motivating factors t work hard. I also have a visual Board!

  16. lexram01 says:

    You’re so beautiful …
    You’re so beautiful. Good luck to you and yours.

  17. EvaLongoriagude says:

    do a video where …
    do a video where you talk about how the money is made in detail now how much you can make thanks

  18. btonl says:

    she’s too cute and …
    she’s too cute and nice, i can’t hear anything

  19. bigdick91977 says:

    money use to …
    money use to motivate me till i made my first million,,,,,,i saw larry ellison interview where he said when u accumulate lot of money then its just numbers and stuff …good luck

  20. GlobalTreasures says:

    I see a skateboard …
    I see a skateboard in the background! You truly are a badass chick!