Herbalife – Business Opportunity

Herbalife has grown over 29 years and is still expanding at an incredible rate. Exclusive, high-demand products that have helped millions of people in 70 countries. Herbalife’s mission of good nutrition, financial wellbeing and a healthy, active lifestyle helps
millions of people reach their ideal weight, look and feel healthier, and earn what they’re worth. We are listed on the prestigious New York Stock Exchange, are members of Direct Selling
Associations around the world and have brand visibility through sports sponsorships.

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  1. Ms1986Cherry says:

    clint, my coach in …
    clint, my coach in MALAYSIA.

  2. Steventk26 says:


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  3. westplayer03 says:

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    @generalhospitalfan20 are you a distributor yet?

  4. westplayer03 says:

    @taylor27439 are …
    @taylor27439 are you a distributor my friend?

  5. taylor27439 says:

    I’ve gt inspired by …
    I’ve gt inspired by watching this videos!

  6. MrMustangGT95 says:

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    Do it!! you wont regret it…work your way to getting the products at 50% …one of my newest clients just won the weight loss challenge…She lost 24 pounds and therefore won $350 dollars and what did she do.?? bought more products from me and signed up for the next weight loss challenge…its easy money in your pocket!! trust me

  7. wingoman1 says:

    great video, I love …
    great video, I love saving money and I save over 200 a month and earn money doing this would love to have you join me.

  8. Earn7KaWeek says:

    Awesome Video!
    Awesome Video!

  9. generalhospitalfan20 says:

    iam going to start …
    iam going to start working with herbalife next month i can’t wait