Fool-Proof Way To Choose The Right Home Based Business For You!

Multitudes of home based businesses exist and more pop up everyday. Most people ask the wrong question when they start out. They ask, “what business should I go into?”

The better question to ask is “what do I like to do?” That’s the key element to success I find over and over in my research. Yes, successful people find the one activity they love to do, whether they receive money initially or not. The strange part is when they do what they love the money follows.

Want a fool-proof way to make sure you pick the right home based business. Don’t make the mistake thousands of people make each year who want to start a small business. Choose what you like doing first and the money will follow.

Now get a pen, a sheet of paper and write down at least 5 answers to each question below. Take your time and brainstorm at least 5 ideas.

1. What kind of business would I do if money were no object?
2. What kind of job or business would I choose if I had to do it 12 hours a day and 6 days a week?
3. What are my 5 favorite hobbies?

Next look over your list of answers and choose the top three answers to each question. Now put the list away for a day or two to give your mind time to absorb the information.

On day two sit down again, look over your list and ask yourself the three key questions again, then pick one winner for each question.

Now here’s where the fun begins. At this stage you want to look at the three answers. Can you combine your three answers into a single business? If you can that’s the business you should be in. You’ve taken a step most business people never take. Congratulations!

Now look for a company or person that can help you do that business – or start it yourself. Either way you’ll have a good chance of succeeding because it’s something you like to do.

If you choose a business just for the money, guess what? You’ll be more likely to quit from discouragement, like most people who make the mistake of choosing a business in this manner.

But if you wisely choose a business you love to do you’ll be more likely to persist. Because persistence is the key to success no matter what the business. You’ll discover the money will follow your work of passion. An additional bonus is you’ll have more motivation when the going gets tough.

Choosing a business you love will get you over the tough spots, the twist, turns and the setbacks – until the money comes.

One last tip. The quickest way to make money is to find something others don’t like or have the time to do – and offer to do it for them.

In closing if you don’t have any money now, never-ever let that stop you. The next best thing to money is knowledge and motivation. Get the motivation and the knowledge and the money will follow.

I hope you’ll consider these ideas. God Bless.

Ricardy Banks

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