dZihan and Kamien – Homebase

Duration : 0:6:18

25 Responses to “dZihan and Kamien – Homebase”

  1. flo59251 says:

    best lounge music!! …
    best lounge music!!!!!!!

  2. szczepanlfc says:

    amazing song, so …
    amazing song, so relaxing and chilling out 🙂

  3. celidee says:

    cool will do thanks …
    cool will do thanks for the info 🙂

  4. SuperDonster says:

    if you like stuff …
    if you like stuff like this, you should get sirius satellite, ask a friend who has it, or do a playlist search of sirius channel 35 “sirius chill” or i think xm 84. They play tons of good music from all diff types of artists like this. my favorite channel

  5. celidee says:

    Go to Tastekid(dot) …
    Go to Tastekid(dot) com for similar music suggestions, I did a search for K&D found these guys, never heard of them but been listening to K&D and Theivery Corp for a loooong time.

  6. cohaagendesu says:

    Man, people don’t …
    Man, people don’t remember Kruder & Dorfmeister when talking about similar artists.


  7. chud89 says:

    hmm i will check …
    hmm i will check that album i think thievery is awesome just havent gone to deep now i will

  8. ilackedtheheart says:

    Reminds me of …
    Reminds me of Thievery Corporation’s Mirror Conspiracy with that Eastern flavor, but this has a more chilled out feel to it. I love listening to dZihan and Kamien along with Thievery Corporation during Anatomy/O-Chem study sessions at the library. Puts my mind in a perfect place.

    It’s funny hearing people about how music has gotten worse over the years, but I think those people are looking in the wrong places. There are many hidden musical gems out there 🙂

  9. ryanpgrady says:

    Thievery …
    Thievery Corporations is extremely good in my opinion. The Cosmic Game is an incredible album that is probably about equal to this

  10. hollack says:

    armenian duduk …
    armenian duduk sounds and other.

  11. alyshalui says:

    First time I heard …
    First time I heard this track was on XM radio. Thanks for the sultry beats..

  12. senekkkk says:

    great :)>- peace!
    great :)>- peace!

  13. gianka9574 says:


  14. davelhardsax says:

    I’m a Sax Player in …
    I’m a Sax Player in Wash. DC area, I wish I could find a band playin this kind of lounge groove.

  15. chud89 says:

    these guys are …
    these guys are talented period never heard a sound like this period im yet to hear an artist better than this if you know please share!

  16. vdk4601 says:

    ahuyennnaaaaaa.. …
    ahuyennnaaaaaa..wicked tune braaaaaa…im beached!

  17. PACOMASSADA says:

    Tento syn je n?co, …
    Tento syn je n?co, co vychutnat v klidu a cestování v

  18. praetorian2150 says:

    great chill song. …
    great chill song. god how much do i love trance chill and layback tunes like this. sirius chill ftw always

  19. LunaMorgenstern says:

    incredible.. …

    incredible…i love it!

  20. MrFakeIDguy says:

    VERY tight! Check …
    VERY tight! Check it, on the FREEWAY, Windows down, BLOWIN a fat L!!!! LOL! The Best acid jazz song of 2009!! U.K. Representing

  21. UberPolska says:

    Great Song…can …
    Great Song…can make you relax whenever and wherever

  22. c0dy14 says:

    incredible. only …
    incredible. only world to describe this amazing record.

  23. stardust2310 says:

    That sounds nice.
    That sounds nice.

  24. TNTJahv1er says:

    Simply Amazing
    Simply Amazing

  25. Snarftastickle says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for uploading this. if you even check your comments.