Dragons’ Den – hungryhouse pitch (Part 1 of 2)

The co-founders of, Shane Lake and Tony Charles, entered the Dragons’ Den on Monday 19th November, and received an offer of investment from Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan.

Part 2:

Duration : 0:6:44

19 Responses to “Dragons’ Den – hungryhouse pitch (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. pidlive says:

    This pitch is …
    This pitch is pretty old now. And today (2010), hungryhouse still do not cover my area! What are they doing?!

  2. encourrash says:

    Love the crazy …
    Love the crazy doctor! Saw the show online at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  3. amishjim says:

    @zanderzoot …
    @zanderzoot ordering online is specific and you get less mistakes, I’m sure. O and you dont have to talk to anyone, I like that…

  4. quiksilverrules14 says:

    why can’t people …
    why can’t people just use the website to find the menus then phone the restaurant directly and skip the commission?

  5. zanderzoot says:

    I’m familiar with …
    I’m familiar with the concept of Dragons’ Den, it’s just seems everyone on every panel of any TV show of late insists on being a miserable and moody bastard; fashion I suppose.
    For what it’s worth though of course they’re judges.
    As I’ve already stated in a previous post, I recall Jamie Oliver being a judge on some dire show and he too was trying to come across all Simon Cowell like.
    This was obviously impossible to take serious.

  6. qaAzZ says:

    @zanderzoot they …
    @zanderzoot they are not judges, they are potential investors, of course they will call out bullshit and obvious flaws.

    also it makes for good television

  7. Gala2006 says:

    WOW. those poor …
    WOW. those poor trembling men!

  8. thugz4life3 says:

    @bullysgod at least …
    @bullysgod at least they do something with their life fuckface

  9. Booyakahshaify says:

    damn this show is …
    this show is way more ruthless than Shark Tank

  10. zipeasy1 says:

    tey dont like u …
    tey dont like u either lol

  11. bullysgod says:

    i hate those ” …
    i hate those “dragons”-they are just a bunch of greedy, arrogant bastards.

  12. j22downey says:

    Dragons Den, …
    Dragons Den, Canadian version is the best of the 3.

  13. ScarbzDynasty says:

    theres so polite …
    theres so polite about it, i prefer shark tank

  14. zanderzoot says:

    True! I recently …
    True! I recently saw Jamie Oliver doing the same on some crap program.

  15. mrsnoogle says:

    they are all told …
    they are all told to be simon cowell.

  16. zanderzoot says:

    What is it with …
    What is it with judges on anything now?
    They all try to be Simon Cowell.

  17. LucasCAPS says:

    Both are copycats ( …
    Both are copycats (from Japan) and that’s OK, good ideas are there to be bought and reproduced.

  18. kmp3000 says:

    It doesn’t work in …
    It doesn’t work in my area. It sucks.

  19. Marrowni says:

    Also, why are they …
    Also, why are they asking so much? 100,000 pounds for 11% is a 950,000 pound company ($1.7 million AM)

    Thats nuts!!!!! Thats like over 5 times more than its worth….

    Plus, the Dragons are really quiet… wow