Business Needs Network Marketing Strategy to Succeed

When thinking of starting a network marketing business, you will need a business plan just as any other type of business if you hope to make it successful. It is more than the often-believed three-part strategy of start business, get rich, retire young. While that may happen one in 100,000 times, you will have to be extremely lucky to see it happen to you.

To begin to create a network marketing strategy you will need to decide on the type of business, or businesses, you hope to market as well as the target market you hope to hit. Knowing the product or service is a great first step in establishing yourself as a knowledgeable force on your way to success.

Write out your plan of in what position do you want to find yourself in the short and long term as well as how you plan to reach those goals. Since many network marketing efforts involve affiliate marketing you will need to discover which companies will accept pay for performance advertising and how to best leverage yourself as a leader in the market. You will also want to plan on whom to recruit to help you with your efforts.

Plan to grow your business slowly and avoid the allure of quick profits because chances are they will not materialize anyway, and it reduces the chance of failure. As your home base network marketing company grows, mark off the goals you set as you reach them and when you see yourself growing faster than planned, adjust your goals to a level that will have you reaching higher than you initially thought was possible.

Get involved in the affiliate marketing program of your choice that offers the best method of reaching higher goals and then teach others how you have accomplished all that you have, This will help ensure their success as well as increasing your future income from their efforts as well as your own, and plan to recruit others into your business. When they have been firmly trained and are working successfully, work with them to recruit additional people to help them more money, as well as improving your own standard of living.

You can also use your proven network marketing strategy to create additional streams of income to better diversify your income in case something should happen to the first. You will never be without an income source as long as you maintain diversity in your business.

Network marketing has no large capital investment, no quotas on production and you are not limited in where in the country you can live. There are also tax advantages to a home based business, not to mention the additional income that everyone can find useful.

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  1. neil h says:

    will the common shares be canceled?
    saw the on friday but need to know what will happen to my seems to me they roll into the new company but i would like a second opinion for GPSNQ ……………….
    Falconhead Capital Forms GPSI Holdings, World’s Leading Provider of Cart-Mounted Gps Services to Golf Courses

    Three-Way Merger Creates Market Leader With Systems Deployed on Nearly 1,000 Courses; Extensive Synergies Position New Company for Long-Term Success
    NEW YORK, Oct 16, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — –Partners With Greg Norman
    Falconhead Capital, LLC, a private equity firm specializing in consumer-focused businesses in the leisure, lifestyle, sport and media categories, today announced the formation of GPSI Holdings, LLC ("GPSI"), the world’s leading provider of cart-mounted GPS services to golf courses. GPSI was created through the acquisition of and subsequent three-way merger of GPS Industries, Inc., ProLink Systems, Inc., and a series of assets previously owned by David Chessler, who has been named CEO of GPSI. GPS Industries was acquired through a sale process conducted under Section 363 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Financial terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

    Falconhead has immediately established GPSI as the leading player in the golf cart-mounted GPS industry globally, with systems deployed on nearly 1,000 courses predominantly in North America and Europe. Falconhead expects that the acquisition of these businesses at very attractive valuations, and their combination, will result in significant cost, revenue and technological synergies that will position GPSI for significant profitable growth. In particular, GPSI will implement extensive product and service improvements that will benefit customers and enhance the playing experience for players around the world.

    Falconhead’s partner in GPSI is Greg Norman, the professional golfer and head of Great White Shark Enterprises, a corporation primarily focused on golf. Mr. Norman, a long-time member of Falconhead’s advisory board, was involved in conceiving and executing the transactions. He will own a significant equity stake in GPSI and has entered into an agreement to promote the company’s business.

    As part of GPSI’s long-term growth strategy, the Company has established an exclusive partnership with Club Car to leverage its sales force of more than 120 representatives and its extensive global distribution network. Club Car, a member of the Industrial Technologies sector of Ingersoll-Rand plc (NYSE: IR), is a leading manufacturer of golf cars, utility vehicles and a wide range of task-oriented vehicles serving multiple markets.

    David S. Moross, chairman and chief executive officer of Falconhead Capital, said: "We are proud to create the leading provider of cart-mounted GPS services to golf courses. The transactions that led to the formation of GPSI Holdings further demonstrate our ability to pursue and complete complex investment opportunities, and the new company is highly complementary to our investment strategy given our long ties to golf, and our expertise in leisure and lifestyle. By bringing together these three businesses, we have created a new company with the financial strength, operational efficiency, technology expertise, business model and geographic reach necessary to succeed over the long term.

    "We are fortunate that our friend Greg Norman is our partner in GPSI, given his immense stature in the golf world as a player and businessman. We look forward to working together to further build this powerful platform," Mr. Moross concluded.

    Mr. Norman said, "This transaction further promotes the consolidation of the industry which started with GPS Industries’ acquisition of UpLink in late 2008 and now includes the merger with ProLink and ProView. This consolidation, together with other strategies, several of which specifically capitalize on the current economic landscape, will position GPSI to realize its full potential. It has been a pleasure to work closely with David and the Falconhead team, and we look forward to a very successful venture."

    About Falconhead Capital

    Falconhead Capital, LLC (, with $500 million of assets under management, is a private equity firm established in 1998 to provide investors with significant long-term capital appreciation by investing globally in consumer-focused businesses in the sport, leisure, lifestyle, and media categories. In addition to NYDJ, Falconhead Capital’s current portfolio investments include Competitor Group, Inc., Extreme Fitness, Inc., Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Our365 (f/k/a Growing Family), Escort, Inc., and Premier, Inc. Past Falconhead portfolio investments include, among others, National Powersport Auctions, Maritime Telecommunications Network, The Golf Warehouse, and ESPN Classic Europe, LLC.

    About Great White Shark Enterprises

    Great White Shark Enterprises is a multi-national corporation headed by Greg Norman with offices in West Palm

  2. exactduke says:

    Isn’t GPSNQ in bankruptcy?? Any monies, from the acquisition, will first be used to pay off creditors. Next to pay off bond holders. Anything that is left, will go to stockholders. You as a stockholder are last on the list.

    Your shares will be canceled & you will get nothing. Once GPSNQ entered bankruptcy that was a near certainty.
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