Body Magic, by Ardyss/ How to put it on

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Ernestine Pasadena Ca 818 256 7588
Tiffany D.C. 202 321 0366
Yvette Baltimore MD 410-292-0549
Via Detroit 313 231 3352
Bernice Boston 617 571 6932
Eyonda Alasaka 907 929 7733
Dorothy New York 718 834 8870
Stacy New York 718 801 2807
MariBel Arlington Texas 817 375 5830
Keiya Memphis Tn 901 335 8011
Yvette Baltimore Md
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Tahara Seattle Washington 206 724 1299
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25 Responses to “Body Magic, by Ardyss/ How to put it on”

  1. torridawan says:

    Hello Essence — I …
    Hello Essence — I have on form fitting slacks today at work and asked a few ladies in my office if they could notice if I was wearing a girdle and all three told me no. This body magic garment is the bomb!

  2. essence350 says:

    So does the leg …
    So does the leg part show under dresses and slacks? sometimes when you wear a long girdle, you can see the leg or thigh compression and where the girdle stops underneath the clothing.

  3. torridawan says:

    To Jazitones: DC …
    To Jazitones: DC Distributor — Marguerite Speight (202) 203-6008

  4. HilariousHouseWife says:

    There are snaps …
    There are snaps between the legs. I hope this helps.

  5. hotchocolett says:

    Is it hard to take …
    Is it hard to take off when you have to go to the bathroom? How do you deal with that? Especially at work? thx

  6. HilariousHouseWife says:

    I do have some reps …
    I do have some reps in Georia, I need to double check on the city. Guuuuuuurl you know how some folks join, and then drop off but no worries. I can still get you in a garment. And if I don’t have a rep in Savannah, how about you be that rep. You don’t have to work the business if you do not want to. But if you get a membership for 30 I’ll send you reps and you can make the retail profit. Or you can just go all out and make the big bucks : ) Call me 310 403 5352. We can discuss your size.

  7. sweetmoney4u says:

    Do have a rep in …
    Do have a rep in Savannah, Ga?

  8. iAMMMmotherhood says:

    Great job!

    I’m …
    Great job!

    I’m getting one and becoming a distributor!

    You remind me so much of a friend of mine!

  9. kymali100 says:

    Hi! I and have a …
    Hi! I and have a 28 in black available. Call Kym @ 954-600-0302

  10. jazitones says:

    OOOH Girl I got to …
    OOOH Girl I got to have this. Anyone in the Wash/DC area. ASAP let me know.

  11. mzstl1 says:

    How do I get …
    How do I get measure. I wear a size 16 right now. I want a black long.

  12. mzstl1 says:

    This is my second …
    This is my second time viewing this video and I think u r funny as crap, but I think what u do in the video really assists in convincing potential customers and maybe even distributors to join in on this awesome system. I am in Bahrain (the middle east) active duty military so how do I get one?

  13. HilariousHouseWife says:

    well you may be …
    well you may be surprised to see that this garment does not stretch out. If anything you are going to get smaller, so you will think it got baggy be default.

    It’s made out of a very strong material called power net. You’ll need to feel it to know what I am talking about.

    Where are you so that I can have a rep on my team give you a free Body Magic Experience.

  14. MarcMaze says:

    Do they have any …
    Do they have any products for men?

  15. VERB65 says:

    How long does this …
    How long does this garment last before it’s all streched out of shape

  16. InfiniteBodyMagic says:

    I have a size 28 …
    I have a size 28 blk instock. (678) 768-7685 Bri

  17. ltoomey82 says:

    I went to a showing …
    I went to a showing for this 2 days ago and I must say it works! I had a baby 8 months ago I ware a size 14 I was put into the body magic and my sister who is a size 10 gave me a pair of her pants to try on ( the show case was at her house). And I was able to fit her size 10 pants perfectly! I’m sold and want to buy one BUT the lady said it would take10-14 days. I’m reading reviews of people who paid and did not get their garment until months later. Does anyone have a size 28 black in stock?

  18. 2Tall2BAShorty says:

    This garment really …
    This garment really works!!

  19. AdoreBlkWm says:

    Ladies, how do you …
    Ladies, how do you guard your emotions from the reaction you will inevitably receive when you that look of shock and disdain appears on the face your man after he sees those parts you’ve been hiding. If you find yourselves that undesirable, why would you reasonable expect a man to find you desirable?

  20. calilac510 says:

    this woman is good …
    this woman is good if your in her area joion her team if your in the phoenix area get with me call kendra @623-206-9956

  21. Nubian1007 says:

    Do you still have …
    Do you still have the 34 black? Thanks.

  22. HilariousHouseWife says:

    I also have 4 …
    I also have 4 distributors in New York So Let me know if you still need help.

  23. HilariousHouseWife says:

    Hi, So sorry for …
    Hi, So sorry for the delayed response. Do you still need my help? Call me if you do 310 403 5352

  24. yeminmac says:

    How long will it …
    How long will it take me to receive the garment if I order it today? I live in Brooklyn, NY.

  25. 2sizes says:

    your baby is …

    your baby is gorgeous. I’m a distributor loving my body magic