It has been increasingly difficult in the last 3 years anywhere in the world for an individual to be able to make money. The economic crisis that has spanned the globe has reaped away millions of jobs that once were
secure. Lives have been tragically affected not only in North America but around the world. There has been a growing trend recently for people to take their fate into their own hands and try to develop some kind of
income whether it be supplemental or primary due to the loss of their jobs. The vehicle that everyone seems to be turning to is the internet. The greatest invention of mankind now is filled with millions of money making opportunities. However, ninety-nine percent of these are bogus. But one company very recently that has caused a major stir and quite a buzz all over the web and Main Street alike. Pur3x, is a new, progressive, and internet
driven company with highly intelligent leadership that is rare to find even in publicly traded companies. Pur3x has taken on the giants of industry, and we think this may be a winner for the average person on the street. The company has positioned itself perfectly in an industry that is growing at an astronomical pace- the health and wellness industry, which is projected to grow in the next 5 years to 1 trillion dollars. Pur3x formally known as Pur3x Designer Beverage Club is a network marketing company but very very different from the traditional network marketing companies of the past or ones operating today. Andy Reinhart- the man behind the brand who
is confidently touting Pur3x as the next billion dollar company has the support of many scholars and economists as well. This perfect timing has enabled Pur3x to take advantage of all the converging synergies
that are taking place: the power and direct implementation of the internet, the tremendous growth of the health and wellness industry due to the growing aging of the world’s population, and the stubborn and stagnant economy
that has displaced millions and millions of people across the globe from their once safe jobs.This economic downturn has changed the philosophy and strategies of major corporations and small businesses alike. No longer
do they provide that job security and loyalty that existed in the fruitful years of the 50’s through the late 90’s to their rank and file. That trend has drastically hurt people economically and to a large extent emotionally. People today have had to become creative geniuses themselves to stay ahead of the high cost of living and to try to create money to sustain a normal lifestyle. Another dynamic that has come into play has been the growing trend for people to want to work from home rather then take the grinding commute to work.
People are looking for ways to eliminate the dreaded commute and simply get on their lap tops and desk tops from home and get to work. This change affords employees more freedom to do what they love to do rather than what they have to do. We belief that Pur3x has captured that trend in its basic philosophy which gives the average individual the best chance to realize his or her dream. Armed with an amazing compensation plan that pays people 4 different ways- over 50 percent of company revenue- along with strong and progressive leadership that puts people first before the company bottom line, and most importantly cutting edge products that revive youth and enhance health regardless of age, has placed Pur3x in the forefront of the best home based business opportunities today. Because Pur3x has aligned all these strategies perfectly we believe it is here to stay and will be a force to be reckoned with in the home based arena. A definite winner for the common man and possibly the beginning of a new culture and new trend that will be adopted by many other newbie companies. We believe it is very hard to find any other company out there in the world today that rewards its own people with the best chance for success with such minimal investment up front while at the same time improving their health such as Pur3x does. Cudos then go out to visionaries like Andrew Reinhart and his team at Pur3x who were able
to capture the future and quickly and effectively make this opportunity real. A definite winner for the average guy on the street as well as through out the home based business world.

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