Best business ideas: Penny Power on blogging basics

Top business advice from Penny Power, Founder of business social network Ecademy. See this show to hear her thoughts on the basics of engaging blogging that will build interest and your audience. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at

Penny Power: The art of blogging, dont be scared about doing it, remember that its about building friendships, making people want to talk to you but make sure you dont do a few things, make sure its not an advert. If you advertise that’s called a blogvert people will not like that, people dont want to be broadcasted to. Make sure that you dont just put a link in that takes them off the site because they wont do that. Make sure you have a great heading because people wont look at your blog unless the heading encourages them to, make sure your blog has something in it that encourages that communication so that when people are looking down the page of blogs they can say well that’s an active blog 14 people involved in that blog, that must be a great discussion and at all times make sure that you’re offering something to the community that’s going to help them, that that piece of information you’re sharing is fun or its interesting to read or its going to increase their business skills and just make sure that that blog reflects you as a person and that its professional and that’s it professionally produced and even if you’re a fun person that there is a message behind it.
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  1. lizYTfan says:

    Penny Power looks …
    Penny Power looks great in pink

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    This advice is …
    This advice is perfect for amateur bloggers. Small pieces of advice like this can radically change the effect of a blog post and the responses it attracts.

  3. ybcjeremy says:

    Wow! Blogvert, …
    Wow! Blogvert, absolutely amazing. Useful information Penny :- )

  4. lamb242 says:

    Comments are the …
    Comments are the first thing I look at before I read a blog. No comments = no read.

  5. magsinclair3 says:

    Penny’s vids are …
    Penny’s vids are great. She’s really good at getting her point across.

  6. BusinessExpertLouise says:

    Blogvert!!! As …
    Blogvert!!! As popular as TomKat!

  7. businessexpertsalli says:

    Great basic advice …
    Great basic advice in this video.

  8. businesstvkelsi says:

    Great ideas from …
    Great ideas from Penny, word I agree!

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    same.. I hadn’t …
    same.. I hadn’t heard that before either!

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    Penny has some …
    Penny has some great ideas; take a look at her other videos.

  11. businesstvAmanda says:

    Blogvert hmmmm you …
    Blogvert hmmmm you can almost add vert to anything and have a new way to describe something on the internet. how about tubvert in your blogvert.

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    lol interesting …
    lol interesting question.

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    damn, ok I should have watched this show before opening me big mouth re blogvert – obvious really. Idiot hat is now on.

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    Penny does put forward some interesting views on vlogs and blogs.

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    Is a v-logging ad called a vlogvert?

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    A new word for me too businesstvrebecca.

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    Blogvert – now there’s a new word for me