Battery Reconditioning — All Steps in 1 by Walt Barrett

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Purchase Chemicals at All the steps to test and recondition automotive lead/acid batteries on one video. Individual steps can be seen on smaller video clips on this page. Obviously it takes longer for this version to download, especially if you are on a phone line, but it is more convenient to see all the steps at once.

Duration : 0:9:9

8 Responses to “Battery Reconditioning — All Steps in 1 by Walt Barrett”

  1. chinadepot says:

    The battery in the …
    The battery in the video was used only for a demonstration of the process used to recondition a battery.

  2. chinadepot says:

    If the cell is …
    If the cell is trotally dead the battery is junk.

  3. chinadepot says:

    When collecting …
    When collecting batteries you will get a mix of batteries with low CCA and dead cells. The Batteries that do not read the correct voltage usually will not recondition. Batteries with dead cells are sold for scrap.

  4. chinadepot says:

    It’s safe if you …
    It’s safe if you know how to use it.
    Positive on first and take positive off last.
    Any good mechanic knows that!

  5. chinadepot says:

    Wrong, not EDTA.

    Wrong, not EDTA.

  6. chinadepot says:

    Covers off while …
    Covers off while charging, covers on when finished.

  7. chinadepot says:

    This 25 year old …
    This 25 year old chemical formula developed by Walt Barrett has proven to be so effective when used properly that our company, A to Z Global marketing Inc is selling more volume per day than formerly sold in a full year.

  8. SteveLane says:

    Lead acid batteries …
    Lead acid batteries produce hydrogen which can explode in air.