Attracting Visitors to your Profitable Home Based Business Using Links

When you own a profitable home based business, one of the biggest things you need to consider is gathering up links from other sites, and posting your links on other websites. The main reasons for this are to get more traffic to your site, and to increase your link popularity, or “link pop”.

Link popularity is a measure of the number of links that point from other sites back to your site. The more back-links you have, the greater your traffic and possibly sales may be.

Link popularity is not the same thing as Google Page Rank, or PR. Page Rank is more a reflection of the quality of links pointing back to your site. This can be important too, but many webmasters would say that PR is not as important as focusing on making your site easy to use, read, and navigate for the average visitor.

If link popularity creates traffic for you, and helps you build a profitable home based business, then you really want to focus on attracting visitors to your site by making sure the URL to your website is posted on many other sites.

First of all, there are websites that will calculate your link pop for you if you type in “Link popularity checker” into Google’s search box. If you visit one of those sites, you will be asked to type in your URL and it will give you the number of links you have in Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

There are many ways to spread your links around the internet. One of the ways is by doing another Google search for blogs and guest-books related to your website’s topics. For example, if you own a profitable home based business website, you could enter the terms “profitable home based business” and follow that by “blogs” or “guest-books”.

This will bring up a list of sites for you to visit and post comments on their blogs or guest-books related to the content of their blog or site. You want the comment to be useful, helpful, and related so that you are not accused of spamming. You also want to be sure to add your URL if allowed. Adding your URL will increase your link pop.

You can also attract visitors to your website by spreading your links around discussion forums on your website’s niche. The same concept applies to forums that you must be very careful not to spam them with useless comments like “Oh, very nice. Now visit my site”. Comments like these can get you banned. Make useful posts and in the signature file at the end you may leave your URL, and again your link pop will go up.

Finally, one of the best ways to make yourself a profitable home based business using links is by writing original articles and posting them to article directories around the internet. It’s best to use an article distribution service so that your articles get to thousands of publishers who may use your article in their newsletter or on their blog.

In the signature file, you can again leave a link to your site. You can easily get hundreds of quality one-way back-links by using this method alone. The key is quality here. Write a useful article with information that will help others. In the link box, you can say something about yourself, and your business, and use keywords to link back to your site that give the readers a compelling reason to click.

If you make a consistent effort to build your profitable home based business by posting your link on other’s sites, especially quality sites, then you may literally be “in business”! Consistency is key. If you get into a routine of commenting on blogs, guest-books, forums, and writing articles on a daily or weekly basis, you will soon have a very high link pop that leads to more traffic and sales!

Liane Bate

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