All Or Nothing Tattoo Pit Bull Rescue Part 1

This is a short film about well-known tattoo artist Brandon Bond and his plight to help pit bulls. A small underweight girl red nose pit-bull was discovered by animal control, badly neglected, scarred, and abused, and about to be euthanized when Brandon and his wife busted her out of doggie jail and saved her. They took her into their home (for golf cart rides) and to his luxurious personal studio ( with the hopes of inspiring someone to adopt this beautiful dog. This and many other dogs are available worldwide for adoption and ANYONE can be a foster parent, simply adopt a dog that’s about to be euthanized and work with your local rescue shelters to place the dog carefully in the perfect home for that dogs specific needs.

AARF and Brandon’s All or Nothing Tattoo celebrates amazing rescued pets with its 2008 calendar. With all the attention focused this year on the crime of dog fighting, more light could be shed on the faces of its victims. Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends (AARF) is putting two of those adorable faces in the spotlight with the release of its 2008 Rescue Tails Calendar. Pit bulls Cain and Medusa, who were rescued by acclaimed Atlanta tattoo artist Brandon Bond, are featured on the cover of the calendar.

Cain, a 14-year-old rescued fighting dog, and Medusa, a 5-year-old deaf, abused and badly scarred pit bull, were given a second chance at a happy life and have grown into two of the sweetest and most loving pets in the world. Brandon, an avid animal rescuer and supporter of animal welfare groups like AARF, will be selling autographed calendars through his online store,, with all proceeds benefiting AARF, throughout the holiday season this year. SO BUY SOME OF THEM!!!!! YOU CAN HELP!!!!!!

Brandon, owner of All or Nothing Tattoo, has fostered homeless animals for 12 years and has helped save and place in loving homes more than 200 animals by spreading the word about their plights among his loyal fan base. His primary focus is working with rescued and abused pit bulls, four of which permanently reside in his home.

AARF is planning a Calendar Release Party to celebrate Cain, Medusa, and all the other fantastic rescued pets featured in the 2008 calendar. The party will be held Tuesday, Nov. 13, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at WAG-A-LOT Midtown West at 1456 Northside Drive in Atlanta ( Well-behaved leashed pets are invited. Calendars will be available at the discount price of $7.50 (regular price, $20). Light refreshments and drinks will be available. Calendars also can be purchased online at For more information, visit or call (678) 318-1886.

Calendars on Sale on

Check out part two here:

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25 Responses to “All Or Nothing Tattoo Pit Bull Rescue Part 1”

  1. godzillacub says:

    Brandon love you …
    Brandon love you dude. You are an amazing person.

  2. ilegreom says:

    good jop guys
    good jop guys

  3. ilegreom says:



    save a pitbull kill a human!

  4. babboosgirl says:

    THANK GOD 4 people …
    THANK GOD 4 people like you………

  5. Shewolf134 says:

    @YouToobWatcher3 …
    @YouToobWatcher3 Spam spam spam spam this guy’s comments


    big up Brandon Bond …
    big up Brandon Bond RESPECT.. keep doing what you do aight ! pitbulls need our help !

  7. gir908922 says:

    That dog looks so …
    That dog looks so cute and she’s so shy!

  8. YouToobWatcher3 says:


  9. fixedgearjerk says:

    What a GORGEOUS dog …
    What a GORGEOUS dog, thank you from the bottom of my heart. “Can’t save em all but you can save one” Great Quote! Check out my vids for the pit bull dogface I rescued. THANKS for an awesome video and helping the breed!!!!!

  10. mwells219 says:

    my man’s smokin a …
    my man’s smokin a blunt.

  11. gravano2 says:

    Because they are …
    Because they are gutless that’s why

  12. bogfish33 says:


  13. rottenbully says:

    these guys rock
    these guys rock

  14. portawand says:

    death to dogmen.

    death to dogmen.
    these ppl are cowards . if ur so brave n macho y dun u lock urself in a cage and tear ur human friens apart.

  15. LacyB71 says:

    YES CAPS, I CANNOT TELL YA’LL HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS MAN AND HIS WIFE. HE IS SO RIGHT DOGS ARE WAY MORE LOYAL THAN HUMANS AND THEY LOVE SO UNCONDITIONALLY AND TRUST AND THEY SAVE US. PITBULLS SAVE OUR LIVES, THEY RESCUE US. I promise you if your a good person ONLY and save one of these dogs your heart will explode and you will change in great ways. Mine saved me.

  16. LacyB71 says:

    Yup I told them to …
    Yup I told them to give each other a hug for me and my pitties 🙂 Not all women would support their men in these things (not sure why, I love pitties and I’m female so??) but she seems great as does he. My dogs sent licks to them 🙂 lol lots n lots.

  17. LacyB71 says:

    I just spoke with a …
    I just spoke with a gentleman on the phone from their tattoo parlor and let me tell you right NOW THEY ARE THIS GREAT, HE WAS VERY NICE; I felt bad because I’ve looked to buy this video they made in Blockbuster, walmart, all the normal places and couldn’t so I called them knowing they’re very busy people and he still took time to talk about my dog I rescued and I looked at their artwork and I have 2 small tattoos on my ankles and I so wish I’d have had them done there! It’s worth the trip 🙂

  18. LisaTheGoldfish says:

    Well done. You and …
    Well done. You and your wife deserve and everyone else involved in your rescue deserve medals for being so selfless and pure of heart. Pitbulls are loving amazing dogs and it is just fantastic to see that another poor animal has been saved from death row.

    Best wishes for 2010.

  19. insanerun says:

    Am pretty sure …
    Am pretty sure someone has already thoght of this but pitbull rescues CAN provide their own energy by simply runnig them on treadmills hooked up to generators or something somewhere along those lines,
    therefore saving money ang helping protect the invironment, not to mention putting a goo hand on the other end of the leash. Dedicated to Cyrus, miss you, and I will always love you

  20. HerschelTalker says:

    Thanks for taking …
    Thanks for taking time to make this video man, it really touched my soul and opened up my mind on what we can do. My wife and I are members of a group here in greenville SC to help get them off chains.

  21. Chrissylouwho says:

    YOU ROCK …
    YOU ROCK DUDE! I place pit bulls here in cincinnati laws across the river have changed and now if it looks like a pit they kill it! its such a shame so many dogs are dying just because the way they look. thank you for being part of the solution!

  22. Rbaker6181 says:

    You and your wife …
    You and your wife are amazing people!

  23. alicefair4u says:

    amazing work. Gotta …
    amazing work. Gotta say tho, HIGHLIGHT of the video was VIck gettin it!!! lmaooo

  24. Indio156 says:

    As they say, saving …
    As they say, saving one cat or dog will not change the world. But it will change the world for that animal. And that is HUGE. No one should ever look the other way when they see an animal in need!

  25. teloiv1 says:

    I live in Cobb …
    I live in Cobb County, a few feet south of the Cherokee/Cobb county line. Have been in animal rescue for 30 years. Currently have 9 dogs, one is a bully mix who looks remarkably like Ladybug, only he’s a Jimmie.