? BEST SNOW BLOOPERS EVER # 2 Special Funniest Home Videos # 266

DID YOU LIKE IT? Cryptic has a great funchannel with days (!) of fun like this. Funny winter blooper home videos (# 2) from all over the world, part 266.

Duration : 0:6:44

25 Responses to “? BEST SNOW BLOOPERS EVER # 2 Special Funniest Home Videos # 266”

  1. branimir034 says:

    Dude your videos …
    Dude your videos rocks… Just keep on with work… (please)
    These is one really good anti-depressive… 😉

  2. deanna1231000 says:

    i liked the one …
    i liked the one wheree the guy kicked the innertube

  3. edruiz818 says:

    lmao…. one of …
    lmao…. one of your best.. and i have seen them allllllllll 🙂

  4. rumy1985 says:

    1:16 pooooor kid …
    1:16 pooooor kid LOL =))))))))))))

  5. kletzix says:

    ouch, some of them …
    ouch, some of them seemed really painful, but its soo funny

  6. juddjames says:

    No Better for sure! …
    No Better for sure!!!! Man that was funny!

  7. clance13 says:

    all fail!!
    all fail!!

  8. IruKakaLover says:

    If you want to win …
    If you want to win a snowball fight, you have to throw your whole body into it. I believe that guy did just that XD

  9. JanPeter1234 says:

    ouch more parts
    ouch more parts

  10. XxDizzyRhizxX says:

    1:36 lmfao…a …
    1:36 lmfao…a helmet would’ve come in handy there! ouch!

  11. Fluffington5 says:

    winter is the best …
    winter is the best time of year XD

  12. ashiahsoo says:

    skiing is so much …
    skiing is so much fun but painful =|

  13. tbercier says:

    i loved the one at …
    i loved the one at 6:04 ouch

  14. Jyianne16 says:

    part 244
    part 244

  15. sarmannj059 says:

    great timeing that …
    great timeing that this came up on your last vid Its snowing at my college right now lol

  16. lefouthanix says:

    yeah you’re right …
    yeah you’re right no better than that hahahah love it!

  17. JP609JP says:

    lol i love snow…
    lol i love snow…

  18. liandel says:

    keep em comming man …
    keep em comming man you are #1 😀

  19. Strawsa says:

    2:15 LMAO
    2:15 LMAO

  20. 999crypticAFV says:

    You must be in a …
    You must be in a bad mood 🙁

  21. NikitaArora23 says:

    this was so not …
    this was so not funny…didn’t really make me laugh!!

  22. aimon88 says:

    those people are …
    those people are pretty harmed. I don’t think it’s funny. But I love your vids dude. Kepp posting!

  23. MsForeverpeace says:

    that guy that falls …
    that guy that falls in the river at 2:42 is that johhny knoxville?

    ps:i love your vids!

  24. MeAndMyLittleVoices says:

    Hey,, does any1 …
    Hey,, does any1 know what # is the video with that flying lawnmower at the end? 😀 I gotta find it!

  25. hevele says:

    good collection thx
    good collection thx