Which business idea should I start?

Hello. I would like to become super rich someday. I have four business ideas that I think could be big hit. Some are new ideas, and some are just good opportunities. I have worked at a management consulting firm called McKinsey &Company for 5 years. I left the firm in hope to find job positions at a forunte 500, but I then wanted to start my own company.

1. A boardroom facility business. In these times, many small businesses are starting. They are also mostly homebased. But what happens when a home based business needs a meeting to promote something, meet with the board, etc. Home based businesses simply cannot have professional meetings within their own home. Before launching the business, I would buy real estate in convenient locations. I would then build the center up with boardrooms, secretary services, offices, printers, fax machines, Internet, laptops, projectors, Catering services, and all business needs. Due to limited amount of space, businesses would book ahead. They would pay a fee depending on how long they use the facility. Startup costs could be 50k to sig figures, however, I have saved tons of money from being a management consultant, and I could get investors in on the startup. If the first center is a success, I could open up locations in other cities and eventually become a franchise. Good idea?

2. I would start a consulting firm that consults website owners and online business owners of the quality of their online presence. We would advise small web based startups on what problems they should fix and how they should go about achieving success. I would most likely partner this business startup. We would hire consulting professionals who have experience in the web based industry.

3. A website where people can buy and sell businesses. Currently, there are tons of sites that do this, but a seller of a business would pay a fee to post. Then they could sell there business. However, legal problems may cause an issue.

4. I would start a venture capital/private equity firm that invests in early stage web startups.
I have some experience instwrting business. When I was 22, I started a service called the love van. I bought a van, fixed it up. It was a van where people could use to make love in the back room. The van had privace, included wine, beds, condoms, etc. I would drive lovers all around town for hours. It was a cool business, but not too profitable. Which business idea should I pick? I like the board room space company the best..

I like the consulting idea best..

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  1. Maggie Q says:

    Joe Tommy or whatever your name is, within a matter of minutes you have asked several questions all about making it rich. You have claimed to have worked for McKinsey for 5 years and then claim that you have a pending job offer from them. Something not right about you…. were you dropped as a baby?
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