what is a good low cost, low risk, home-based business to start?

looking for home-based business to start from home, low cost preferably

You could try doing Affiliate work by putting ads on the search engines I’ve been doing it since 2005, and i do ok with it.I don’t make enough money to retire on but it helps with my bills.
If you would like please send me an email and I’ll send you some info on it so you can look and see where it can take you.
C.j. Monaco

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  1. Henry says:

    Ebay seller
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  2. Dalcenae says:

    Are you in the US?
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  3. Miriam says:

    For the past 2 years I have been a Consultant for a Canada based Wellness products company called They have been around for 14 years and in the last year have expanded into UK, Ireland, France, Germany and the Caribbean with their outstanding products. Immunotec is a member in good standing with the and also.Feel free to contact me through my yahoo answers profile if have any questions about this.

    Best wishes for success!
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  4. Monica says:

    I am a Represenative for a Direct Sales company, but I am not allowed to post the link here.
    Can you e-mail me through Yahoo answers, please?
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  5. FREE wrk @Home 13yrs + CLICK ME$ says:

    look for something that has no cost 1st thats a proven money maker

    anything with cost involved even small without a mentor and a system in place will wind you up poorer

    DO NOT get involved with any prelaunch stuff they are not making money at that time and only are testing to see if it works !

    I made the mistake of buying into something that wasn’t proven and lost $3000

    and even had a contract with guarantee refund no questions asked
    search for buzzbot scam ripoff to read the reports

    well now have repoted them to every gov’t agemcy including the IRS who rewards for reporting income tax evasion !
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  6. Gregory says:

    I know a good low cost, low risk, home based business you could start. Are you a people person and have a circle of friends and family that respect you. I have been in this business for over 8 yrs. Very low investment, very high return potential. If you’re interested email me a good time to talk for about an hour. I’ll email you my phone number or you can email me yours and we’ll set up an appointment to talk. We’ll discuss our business model, your income goals and your potential for this business. If we have mutual interest we’ll move forward. If not no problem, it’s always nice to meet good people. I look forward to hearing from you. My email is
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  7. Denise D says:


    Buy and Sell Conklin® Products or Just Buy at a 20 to 40% savings

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    Our aim in creating these new customer packages is to make it easier for product users who do not wish to sponsor other businesspeople to do business with Conklin. To that end, we’re working on removing the "speed bumps" that slow or derail our relationships with customers.

    The initial speed bump we have flattened out is the enrollment process, in response to changes requested by field leaders who said many would-be customers balk at signing the Independent Business Owner Agreement. We understand that first-time purchasers are concerned about sharing their Social Security number and signing a contract. With that in mind, we’ve separated the ordering process from IBO enrollment.

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    Commercial Purchaser
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    You Can Still Become an IBO
    Independent Business Owner: An individual or couple who purchases product at preferred customer or wholesale price from Conklin and IS eligible to sponsor and earn compensation.

    To be eligible to sponsor and earn income, customers will need to complete and submit the separate IBO Agreement.
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