MLM Marketing Secrets – How To Build Your Downline Using Mind Control

You’re about to learn the secret mind control tactic I used to recruit 13,365 people into my downline in 18 months. This tactic is so powerful… so effective… so darn easy… that within minutes of deploying it, people will literally hand YOU their money and beg to join your business.

If you’re marketing an MLM opportunity online, this information will help put thousands of people into your downline much faster and easier than anything you’ve tried before… guaranteed.

Watch this entire video from beginning to end to find out how to use this tactic in your business within the next 9 minutes.

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    LM Marketing Secrets – How To Build Your Downline Using Mind Control

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    Cool stuff

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    i like this video it works

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  8. ellasalje says:

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    This was the first video I came across that “educated” me. I will now look into more of his work. Thank you!

  9. HomeBizCash says:

    Great Video

    Great Video

    Great Business too.

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  12. lankapaul says:

    A fine video.

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    A fine video.

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  13. yournetbiztraining says:

    James – I love your …
    James – I love your mind control tactic. This is the second time I hear of Zeigarnik influence – great info.

    Ana Hoffman

  14. jamesgrandstaff says:

    @menace10100 I used …
    @menace10100 I used PowerPoint for the presentation and Camtasia to record it. I hope that helps. – James

  15. menace10100 says:

    what did you use to …
    what did you use to create this video was it camstudio or another software? please let me know. Thanks

  16. Larryathome1 says:

    Everything that you …
    Everything that you do is awesome. I love the fact that you can show people how to combine psychology and automation to achieve duplication. Everything that is shown here is absolutely a must to compete against all of the noise and cross promotion out there. What do people want? To promote their offer, but they can’t figure out how to offer what they have without getting prospected back. I am using your techniques to further pique curiosity.

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    Thats good I use the PostCard Marketing System myself keep up the good work

  18. miahsamaniac says:

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    Thank you for this video. It made a lot of sense and you seem like a very knowledgeable man. Keep up the great work…

  19. miahsamaniac says:

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    I personally appreciated this video. It made sense to me and you seem like a very knowledgeable man to me.

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    Internet Marketing Works! I’m having tremendous success helping others!

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    Great Video ,,, cool ideas , Just check out your site ..

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    Bravo! Bravo! You are doin’ it big James. I am both a fan and client. Your educational tools have helped me to become a player in the world of Inter-network marketers just recently. Thanx!

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    Quite a compelling video here, nice work!

    Garfield Herriot

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