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9 Responses to “Kill A Computer Virus-Entertainment!!!”

  1. bradc0090 says:



    damn that scared the out of me!

    i about my pc up, i hit a little to hard. haha

    great video though!!!

  2. derick1259 says:

    lol, what are you …
    lol, what are you talking about. this is not a video on computer software.

  3. raxtown says:

    what is program
    what is program

  4. Chazz232 says:

    wats the game called
    wats the game called

  5. LoganCook949 says:

    good video, what i …
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  6. xaznherox4life says:

    Shit man that thing …
    man that thing scared the out of me. I am so sleepy watching this video 1:40 until i saw that piece of pop out

  7. ShadowRSonic says:

    Still funny XD
    Still funny XD

  8. Deathwarrior989 says:


  9. MrGrowproductions says:

    i got videos!!!!
    i got videos!!!!