Jim Rohn – The Five Abilities

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7 Responses to “Jim Rohn – The Five Abilities”

  1. tetiraelian says:

    @Relss40 there is …
    @Relss40 there is no but , friend!! don’t forget that every change implies opportunities including economic downturns!! 😀

  2. TonganMammoth says:

    @Relss40 don’t …
    @Relss40 don’t blame the economy. Economic climate has nothing to do with your own personal development. Jim Rohn said “You live in America and can get any income that you want, and (with the internet nowadays) the WISDOM of the WORLD made AVAILABLE to you in which to GET IT!” Blame yourself if for not getting back in the fight.

  3. Relss40 says:

    He’s great but this …
    He’s great but this current crap economy makes me un-enthused.

  4. nilbud says:

    I liek soup
    I liek soup

  5. MarkMillionaireGuru says:

    Hello pptweddie

    Hello pptweddie

    I have to admit I am very impressed with the quality of your videos here on youtube.

    They are certainly a pleasure to watch as I do enjoy them.

    I am sure there is many others who also feel the same about your videos.

    Mark McCulloch

  6. jussincred says:

    I am up for that …
    I am up for that challenge and am applying all these philosophies.

  7. Mongodelight says:

    U have to live many …
    U have to live many principles to grow.