Home Movies Business and Pleasure 1/3

Home Movies Business and Pleasure 1/3
Part 2:

Duration : 0:7:27

25 Responses to “Home Movies Business and Pleasure 1/3”

  1. BardandQueen says:

    I would strangle …
    I would strangle someone if they called at four in the morning and it was not an emergency O_O;;;;;

  2. 240warheads says:

    I am so sorry to …
    I am so sorry to hear that.
    Did you hear it?

  3. originalscreenname44 says:

    The “I Love Trouble …
    The “I Love Trouble” reference cracks me up, though I don’t think Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte were that bad in it…unless I’ve numbed myself to how bad it was.

  4. JahRed24x says:

    @ivideogram yeah I …
    @ivideogram yeah I am a moron, because why? What did I say that portrayed me as a “moron”? anyways im going to guess that its because I made a reference to smoking marijuana while watching this show… Which has a +15 rating so i guess at least some people can relate…

  5. ivideogram says:

    You’re so super …
    You’re so super cool, can I be your friend?????


  6. raecat101 says:

    jason, youre giving …
    jason, youre giving me the CREEPS!

  7. johnnyvann says:

    @JahRed24x amen …
    @JahRed24x amen brother

  8. JahRed24x says:

    love to smoke a …
    love to smoke a nice bowl and watch home movies….i used to watch this every night b4 bed while stoned.

  9. TheNaskela says:

    Is brendon there?
    Is brendon there?

  10. pfive says:

    love this one
    love this one

  11. atypicalcalifornian says:

    sssssiizzzling …
    sssssiizzzling fajitas… this will only take a minute!!

  12. Dsi1ver says:

    have you seen …
    have you seen George?

  13. TheNaskela says:

    An apple core in …
    An apple core in brendons drawer.

  14. marmechRC says:

    “what are you doing …
    “what are you doing today?” “nothing”

  15. loren1283 says:

    Thought melissa …
    Thought melissa said she cant play blonde.

  16. dtmbcorp says:


  17. Girx2010 says:

    Jason-Did i wake …
    Jason-Did i wake you?

    Paula-No i was just sleeping.


  18. indielover08 says:

    3:12 looked dirty
    3:12 looked dirty

  19. laura18watches says:

    jason you’re giving …
    jason you’re giving me the creeps.

  20. tehblckdeth says:

    Pigs in a blanket, …
    Pigs in a blanket, uncooked?

  21. justimaybe says:

    I don’t agree w the …
    I don’t agree w the Thom Y. eyes…sorry?

  22. jlprizm says:

    Wait-er minute…
    Wait-er minute…

  23. ThousanWhite says:

    SSsSSsizzling …
    SSsSSsizzling fajitas for the both of you!

  24. ifrit26 says:

    I have a hangglider
    I have a hangglider

  25. tigertremp says:

    Paula has Thom …
    Paula has Thom Yorke eyes!!!!!!!!