Home based business Any ideas where to start?

I want to start a home based business, just to earn some pocket money. Any ideas where to start? I want something that I can do on the PC, like filling out surveys or something like to earn a bit of money.
Thank you

A home based travel business is something to really consider. If you need more information, send a message via the profile page.

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  1. qpr26 says:

    Homebase? lol.Sorry couldn’t resist! : )
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  2. Liz says:

    Are you crafty at all? Have any skills? Check out Etsy and see all the lovely handmade items people are selling. I do a lot of my Christmas and birthday shopping there as I’d rather support stay at home Moms and artists than this sweatshop industry in China
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  3. Jo H says:

    I personally think surveys are a waste of time. They take ages to fill in and for a pittance too.
    It is up to you though
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  4. weebookworm says:

    have a look at and see what you think.
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  5. xfactorfan says:


    I would definitely think twice about the idea of the survey thing… I tried this once and ended up spending forever on survey and never got a penny because they are limited and you just cannot earn anything really. So in the end I answered loads of survey for nothing – waste of time for me. So unless thats changed dramatically since then I’d advise against it.

    Have you thought about a website, like someone else said, if you are a craft person or like the idea of buying and selling or just making things, a website may be the answer. I run 2 online websites and love them both dearly. My friend runs an affiliate website and earns about £200 per month not even trying because she works full time. I haven’t done affiliates, but it seems to be the way forward these days. I read blogs where people earn so much more.

    The best online money making idea’s now seem to be in the area of Affiliate websites – this is where you create a webiste of a ‘niche’ subject – for example this could be… lets say… making homemade cards, looking after your pet dog, rabbitt etc… or it could even be ‘my plight in looking for home work on the internet… and document you search.. a bit like a blog or something.. but on this website you include a lot of affiliate links. You can find them through things like affiliates4u and places like that, as well as adsense maybe.
    When people come to your site, they click on a link, and you make a commission on that link or make money if someone registers through a business that you are advertising. Worth taking a look at I think.

    Most online money making things these days do tend to be scams…
    Funnily enough, whilst doing this I decided to have a scout about google etc.. and found loads of people trying to make money selling ebooks on your very question – so someone must be making money on them as there seem to be a lot about – but then again, maybe they are not. E-books I think may have had their day on the internet, but I don’t really know.

    Good luck though – and do keep looking. I have found some links to give you an idea what I mean. I hope you find what your looking for – its great working on the internet though, so don’t give up – make some phone calls to people if you find idea’s you like and need to ask questions first. 🙂

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    Found this article on money making online that isn’t trying to sell you anything and seems positive if not amusing:
    This ecommerce site sells websites cheap and runs an affiliate thing so may be a useful read:
    This site is an example of an affiliate site that is about rabbitts – its a pretty poor one, but gives you an idea:

  6. KLG says:

    A home based travel business is something to really consider. If you need more information, send a message via the profile page.
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  7. Tuffy A says:

    Home internet business is low cost and fun.

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