Chameleon Auto Business Builder

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  1. RobinsGoldNow says:

    I guess they built …
    I guess they built a good system, but are having problems providing good customer service.

    Not all internet businesses are created equal. I “kicked the tires” on a few & finally found one that is a keeper.

    I’ve been a member of the business for about a year & saw it go through many changes, each one better than the next. The business isn’t stagnant like most.

    The newest upgrade includes a professional sales force ready to close your sales for you. WOW. Contact me for more info.

  2. JohnRobberson says:


    Contact me …

    Contact me and I can answer your ?’s and discuss the possitive changes they’ve made since we last talked. (Chameleon Auto business Builder)


  3. JohnRobberson says:

    Contact me and I …
    Contact me and I can answer any ?’s you may have and discuss the upgrades they’ve made recently.

  4. Shulamitefire says:

    I wasn’t called …
    I wasn’t called back by Chameleon either? This needs to be addressed. Best wishes to you John.

  5. Darverses says:

    Hmm… really …
    Hmm… really informative.

  6. diamondman007 says:

    Please contact me …
    Please contact me on this issue if you can address my fears.

    $495.00 to start and then $95.00 per month isn’t cheap. The problem with all these types of companies is they don’t seem credible and they are all too vague or misleading.

    You should follow-up with a video on what is the true bottom line cost to getting started and what to expect.

    A company can go under just as fast by growing far too quickly and not living up to its promises as growing to slowly. Bad news goes viral instantly

  7. diamondman007 says:

    Yes, it sounds good …
    Yes, it sounds good and we all want it to work but, they’ve never called me back and I called them! I was told that they have over one million responses and they are only going on their 4th week in business. How are they going to call one million people back, let alone millions more?

    Sure they may be automated on the web but, what about in the back office where actual sales are made?

    I want to join but I’m very concerned that they will never keep up with the market and get bad PR.

  8. parko2211 says:

    John? Would you …
    John? Would you call me? (231) 352 8166 Park
    I want to know the cost.

  9. wilaarbuzzirk says:

    Very Interesting
    Very Interesting