Blogger Tutorial: Key Features and Basics []
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16 Responses to “Blogger Tutorial: Key Features and Basics []”

  1. stryker1005 says:

    Very informative. …
    Very informative. These tips and tutorial are are very helpful for a newbie like me.

  2. o2me2 says:

    Great Video. Thank …
    Great Video. Thank You.

  3. ghettofeva says:

    Great! Thanks very …
    Great! Thanks very much 🙂

  4. raphmanuel88 says:

    wow thanks alot…
    wow thanks alot…

  5. jameswsa says:

    Yeah, I like …
    Yeah, I like website-hit-counters(dot)com or sitemeter(dot)com They’re free and easy use, just choose the style and put the code on your website or blog

  6. T0BBi94 says:

    well i have made a …
    well i have made a blog and i dont know how to make it wider… its very thin… and is there any gadjet so you can see how many have visit my blog? thanks =)

  7. KiwieFilms says:

    hey how to i add a …
    hey how to i add a download on my blogg?

  8. kraskagm says:

    I don’t think that …
    I don’t think that you can earn money with this stuff

  9. MangekyouSharingans says:

    thanks. this was …
    thanks. this was useful.

  10. mysuccess4u says:

    Hi James,

    What …
    Hi James,

    What great and valuable information you give! 🙂 Thanks for all the sharing to do!!!!


  11. jameswsa says:

    Thanks Michele, I …
    Thanks Michele, I love your videos too – very creative.

  12. zerocash2wealth says:

    Thanks James you …
    Thanks James you are a head of the pack as usual

    Michele aka The EFT Marketer

  13. jameswsa says:

    No problem, glad …
    No problem, glad you liked it.

  14. brianfanale says:

    right on bro, thx …
    right on bro, thx for the info!


  15. jameswsa says:

    You bet Janet, …
    You bet Janet, thank you.

  16. SunriseSunsetGal says:


    Thanks so …

    Thanks so much for sharing!